Recruit A Friend


Recruit a Friend and earn...

Free Membership and XP! Free Membership and XP!

B e it battling the King Black Dragon, exploring the depths of Daemonheim or leading your clan through the wilderness - having friends by your side means double trouble for all you encounter!

Recruit your friends to join the world of Gielinor and you'll bag yourself three amazing bonuses!

  • For every friend you recruit you'll get up to a week of membership completely free!
  • Whenever your recruited friends earn XP, you'll also receive an XP bonus, which further increases when you and your friends are on the same world and nearby to each other!
  • Plus, both you and your friend will get an additional +10% XP for 7 days.

Recruiters Bonus

Membership Credit

Get up to a week of free membership for every friend you recruit!

Bonus XP

Recruit your friends and receive bonus XP whenever they play!


How does it work? How does it work?

Click the "Recruit Friends Now!" button to get started. Copy the referral link and share it with your friends.

Each time one of your recruited friends becomes a member for the first time, you'll receive 7 days of membership completely free and both get a +10% XP bonus for the first week!

You'll also earn bonus XP from each friend you recruit. Whenever they obtain XP in-game, you'll collect 5% of whatever they earn on top of your own XP. As your friend becomes higher level and earns greater XP with every action, so will you!

What's more, when you and your recruited friends are on the same world and nearby, you'll earn an additional 5% in the form of teamwork bonus XP! There has never been a better time to bring your friends to RuneScape!

Please note: Bonus XP will not be awarded to any account that is in Ironman mode.