Recruit A Friend

Recruit A Friend Terms and Conditions Recruit A Friend Terms and Conditions

This Promotion is organised by Jagex Ltd. 220 Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0WA, United Kingdom.

Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. To participate in this promotion you must recommend your friend to RuneScape whilst the Recruit A Friend scheme is running. The Recruit A Friend scheme shall continue until withdrawn or cancelled by Jagex.
  2. You must have your friend's permission to provide their details to Jagex as part of the Recruit A Friend promotion. We may tell your friends that it was you that referred them.
  3. When you recruit a friend to RuneScape they will receive an email from Jagex containing a link which they can follow to create a game account.
  4. The link in each email invite is only valid for this promotion for 30 days from the date sent. It will, however, continue to take your friends to our account creation page after those 30 days have passed.
  5. You can also copy and paste a link from the "Recruit-a-friend" web page to your own web page, for example a blog. This link will also take any friends to the RuneScape website to create an account. You must have permission to do this from the company or person operating the blog. The link we offer for you to post has no expiration date; however, it is only valid for the promotion for as long as the Recruit A Friend scheme is offered by Jagex.
  6. If your friend creates a RuneScape account and within 30 days of creating their account, they purchase one month of membership, you (as the referrer) will receive 7 days of bonus membership.
  7. Please note that only purchased membership will entitle you to the bonuses in clause 6. If, for example, your friend receives free membership credit as part of a "buy one, get one free offer" or a free trial, the free portion of your friend's membership will not entitle you to any bonus membership.
  8. If your friend subsequently cancels, by any means, any week of membership that you have received a bonus for, then Jagex may remove or deduct any bonus membership credit received by you and take such other steps as appropriate in the circumstances.
  9. By participating in this Recruit A Friend scheme you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  10. The decision of Jagex is final and binding in all matters relating to this promotion.
  11. Jagex's standard Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy also apply to this promotion. Please note that, in particular, any personal data collected for the purposes of this promotion will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.
  12. Jagex reserves the right to withdraw or cancel this Recruit A Friend promotion at any time, or amend the terms of this Recruit A Friend promotion without notice.
  13. Jagex excludes all liability howsoever arising connected with the Recruit A Friend promotion and all warranties, conditions, undertakings, terms and obligations implied by law (whether by statute, common law or otherwise).
  14. This promotion is void where prohibited by law. A referral has no cash value. This promotion is not exchangeable, refundable or substitutable. Any bonus membership received by you under this promotion will apply to the account from which you recruited your friend. In other words, bonus membership cannot be transferred to any other account or character.
  15. This promotion is governed by the laws of England and Wales and participants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.