Most Valuable Trades

Top 100 most valuable traded items (highest trade price)

Trade Price
Item Members Icon Change Min Average Max
3rd age druidic robe bottoms3rd age druidic robe b... Yes 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
3rd age bow3rd age bow Yes - 69.3m 1.3b 1.4b 1.4b
3rd age druidic cloak3rd age druidic cloak Yes 0 1.0b 1.1b 1.1b
3rd age longsword3rd age longsword Yes - 44.6m 905.6m 934.3m 963.0m
Elysian spirit shieldElysian spirit shield Yes 51.4m 841.1m 883.8m 926.6m
Elysian sigilElysian sigil Yes 55.1m 841.7m 874.5m 907.3m
Twisted bowTwisted bow Yes 7.2m 853.0m 871.5m 890.0m
Harmonised orbHarmonised orb Yes - 32.7m 821.5m 845.0m 868.4m
3rd age axe3rd age axe Yes 0 662.3m 698.7m 735.0m
3rd age druidic staff3rd age druidic staff Yes 26.7m 591.3m 606.1m 620.8m
Scythe of vitur (uncharged)Scythe of vitur (uncha... Yes - 14.5m 475.0m 493.9m 512.7m
Inquisitor's armour setInquisitor's armour se... Yes - 41.8m 445.7m 469.8m 493.8m
Inquisitor's maceInquisitor's mace Yes - 31.3m 446.3m 467.6m 489.0m
3rd age cloak3rd age cloak Yes 0 390.4m 402.2m 414.0m
3rd age wand3rd age wand Yes 0 260.0m 260.0m 260.0m
Inquisitor's plateskirtInquisitor's plateskir... Yes - 16.3m 192.2m 203.6m 215.0m
Bow of faerdhinen (inactive)Bow of faerdhinen (ina... Yes 15.5m 166.0m 175.3m 184.6m
Enhanced crystal weapon seedEnhanced crystal weapo... Yes 15.3m 166.5m 175.4m 184.2m
Blade of saeldor (inactive)Blade of saeldor (inac... Yes 4.7m 160.1m 170.1m 180.1m
Inquisitor's hauberkInquisitor's hauberk Yes - 17.9m 147.3m 159.3m 171.2m
Arcane sigilArcane sigil Yes - 1.9m 146.7m 153.7m 160.7m
Arcane spirit shieldArcane spirit shield Yes - 640.7k 145.0m 152.4m 159.9m
Ancestral robes setAncestral robes set Yes - 4.9m 132.0m 138.4m 144.8m
Volatile orbVolatile orb Yes - 12.1m 116.0m 123.1m 130.1m
Dragon armour set (lg)Dragon armour set (lg)... Yes 0 110.7m 116.6m 122.4m
3rd age platebody3rd age platebody Yes - 8.7m 107.8m 113.5m 119.2m
Ghrazi rapierGhrazi rapier Yes 412.0k 105.0m 109.1m 113.3m
Inquisitor's great helmInquisitor's great hel... Yes - 7.7m 100.6m 106.3m 112.0m
Kodai wandKodai wand Yes - 826.1k 88.5m 91.2m 93.8m
Kodai insigniaKodai insignia Yes 659.4k 83.0m 86.0m 89.0m
3rd age platelegs3rd age platelegs Yes - 1.9m 71.1m 74.1m 77.0m
Dragon hunter crossbowDragon hunter crossbow... Yes - 582.9k 70.7m 73.4m 76.0m
3rd age plateskirt3rd age plateskirt Yes 117.0k 67.1m 70.6m 74.0m
3rd age robe top3rd age robe top Yes 2.9m 66.5m 70.2m 73.9m
Ancestral robe topAncestral robe top Yes - 2.2m 62.6m 64.8m 67.0m
Ancestral robe bottomAncestral robe bottom Yes - 2.5m 62.1m 64.5m 66.8m
Dragon full helmDragon full helm Yes 2.7m 60.4m 62.7m 65.0m
Dragon clawsDragon claws Yes - 137.8k 59.6m 61.3m 63.0m
Spectral spirit shieldSpectral spirit shield... Yes - 848.1k 58.2m 59.3m 60.5m
Sanguinesti staff (uncharged)Sanguinesti staff (unc... Yes - 946.7k 55.9m 57.9m 60.0m
Spectral sigilSpectral sigil Yes 728.7k 56.0m 57.6m 59.2m
Dragon hunter lanceDragon hunter lance Yes - 1.4m 51.0m 53.2m 55.3m
Dragon kiteshieldDragon kiteshield Yes 1.0m 48.1m 50.2m 52.2m
Avernic defender hiltAvernic defender hilt Yes - 4.0m 45.1m 47.6m 50.0m
Dragon metal sliceDragon metal slice Yes 0 46.2m 47.6m 49.0m
Ring of endurance (uncharged)Ring of endurance (unc... Yes 761.3k 44.2m 46.6m 49.0m
3rd age range top3rd age range top Yes 4.3m 41.3m 43.9m 46.4m
Amulet of eternal gloryAmulet of eternal glor... Yes - 1.2m 41.3m 43.2m 45.0m
Hydra's clawHydra's claw Yes - 1.1m 40.5m 42.6m 44.7m
Eldritch orbEldritch orb Yes - 2.0m 38.9m 40.2m 41.4m
Justiciar armour setJusticiar armour set Yes 6.0m 31.8m 35.3m 38.7m
3rd age amulet3rd age amulet Yes - 230.0k 30.1m 31.8m 33.5m
Ranger bootsRanger boots Yes - 769.1k 30.7m 31.8m 33.0m
Pegasian bootsPegasian boots Yes - 610.0k 31.6m 32.0m 32.4m
Dragon warhammerDragon warhammer Yes - 1.6m 29.5m 30.7m 31.9m
Armadyl chestplateArmadyl chestplate Yes - 1.2m 28.2m 29.9m 31.7m
Imbued heartImbued heart Yes - 610.6k 29.2m 30.3m 31.4m
3rd age kiteshield3rd age kiteshield Yes - 660.8k 29.0m 29.7m 30.4m
Armadyl chainskirtArmadyl chainskirt Yes - 1.8m 24.1m 26.0m 28.0m
Saradomin godswordSaradomin godsword Yes - 373.8k 26.0m 27.0m 28.0m
Saradomin hiltSaradomin hilt Yes 269.5k 25.4m 26.6m 27.7m
3rd age robe3rd age robe Yes 292.3k 25.5m 26.5m 27.5m
Ankou topAnkou top Yes - 419.2k 25.0m 25.9m 26.7m
Bandos tassetsBandos tassets Yes - 1.2m 23.3m 24.3m 25.3m
Abyssal bludgeonAbyssal bludgeon Yes - 335.8k 23.5m 24.2m 24.8m
Armadyl crossbowArmadyl crossbow Yes 118.5k 21.9m 23.1m 24.2m
Primordial bootsPrimordial boots Yes - 850.9k 21.2m 22.0m 22.7m
Primordial crystalPrimordial crystal Yes - 1.2m 20.9m 21.7m 22.4m
Staff of balanceStaff of balance Yes 1.3m 20.0m 21.0m 21.9m
3rd age full helmet3rd age full helmet Yes 446.9k 19.6m 20.3m 21.0m
Ring of the godsRing of the gods Yes - 254.1k 19.1m 20.0m 21.0m
3rd age range legs3rd age range legs Yes 1.2m 18.7m 19.8m 20.9m
Ancient wyvern shieldAncient wyvern shield Yes 885.9k 18.8m 19.6m 20.4m
Nightmare staffNightmare staff Yes - 1.8m 17.3m 18.3m 19.3m
Wyvern visageWyvern visage Yes 0 18.6m 18.8m 19.1m
Craw's bow (u)Craw's bow (u) Yes - 731.3k 16.5m 17.6m 18.6m
Gilded dragonhide setGilded dragonhide set 203.9k 17.0m 17.7m 18.5m
Dexterous prayer scrollDexterous prayer scrol... Yes - 347.9k 16.0m 17.0m 18.1m
Dragonfire wardDragonfire ward Yes 1.4m 15.8m 16.8m 17.8m
Bandos chestplateBandos chestplate Yes - 416.8k 17.0m 17.4m 17.7m
Skeletal visageSkeletal visage Yes 309.8k 15.8m 16.4m 17.1m
Gilded scimitarGilded scimitar - 81.3k 16.4m 16.7m 17.1m
Basilisk jawBasilisk jaw Yes - 248.7k 15.5m 16.1m 16.6m
Ancient relicAncient relic Yes - 26.8k 15.8m 15.9m 16.0m
Ring of coinsRing of coins - 189.2k 14.6m 14.9m 15.1m
Zenyte amuletZenyte amulet Yes 0 13.0m 13.6m 14.3m
Swift bladeSwift blade - 390.7k 13.0m 13.6m 14.3m
Justiciar faceguardJusticiar faceguard Yes 323.0k 13.1m 13.6m 14.1m
Dragon platebody ornament kitDragon platebody ornam... Yes - 136.5k 12.3m 13.0m 13.7m
Gilded armour set (lg)Gilded armour set (lg)... - 66.0k 13.0m 13.2m 13.5m
Zenyte braceletZenyte bracelet Yes 0 12.0m 12.6m 13.3m
3rd age mage hat3rd age mage hat Yes - 619.7k 11.8m 12.5m 13.2m
ZenyteZenyte Yes 0 13.0m 13.0m 13.0m
Ankou's leggingsAnkou's leggings Yes - 66.5k 11.5m 12.0m 12.5m
Cape of skullsCape of skulls Yes 47.5k 11.1m 11.7m 12.3m
Zenyte ringZenyte ring Yes - 537.4k 10.6m 11.3m 12.0m
Gilded d'hide chapsGilded d'hide chaps 551.4k 11.0m 11.5m 11.9m
Ring of natureRing of nature 283.1k 11.2m 11.6m 11.9m
Uncut zenyteUncut zenyte Yes 0 10.7m 11.3m 11.8m
Justiciar legguardsJusticiar legguards Yes 2.1m 9.1m 10.3m 11.6m