Grand Exchange

Most Traded Items

Top 100 most traded items

Trade Count
Item Members Icon Min Max Median Total
ChronotesChronotes 66.4m 212.9m 139.6m 916.0m
Spirit shardsSpirit shards 19.3m 111.0m 65.1m 397.5m
FeatherFeather 22.8m 88.4m 55.6m 377.7m
Incandescent energyIncandescent energy Yes 23.7m 78.1m 50.9m 355.4m
Headless arrowHeadless arrow 14.5m 51.5m 33.0m 248.5m
Rune arrowheadsRune arrowheads 11.6m 44.0m 27.8m 187.6m
Air runeAir rune 11.4m 38.7m 25.1m 179.7m
Fire runeFire rune 12.9m 41.0m 27.0m 178.6m
Arrow shaftArrow shaft 9.1m 38.4m 23.7m 175.3m
Pure essencePure essence 7.3m 26.8m 17.0m 123.6m
Water runeWater rune 6.9m 23.3m 15.1m 108.3m
Earth runeEarth rune 7.1m 22.8m 14.9m 98.0m
VialVial 6.4m 23.2m 14.8m 92.2m
Nature runeNature rune 5.0m 21.1m 13.1m 80.4m
Broad arrowheadsBroad arrowheads Yes 3.7m 16.9m 10.3m 69.1m
Mind runeMind rune 5.0m 15.2m 10.1m 67.7m
Maple logsMaple logs 4.4m 15.4m 9.9m 67.6m
Body runeBody rune 3.4m 14.9m 9.1m 64.0m
Vibrant energyVibrant energy Yes 3.9m 11.8m 7.9m 59.7m
Blood runeBlood rune Yes 4.5m 13.3m 8.9m 59.5m
Magic logsMagic logs 3.7m 11.2m 7.5m 55.6m
Radiant energyRadiant energy Yes 3.3m 11.9m 7.6m 55.1m
Rune arrowRune arrow 3.3m 12.4m 7.8m 52.5m
Rune dart tipRune dart tip 2.8m 10.4m 6.6m 43.1m
Yew logsYew logs 2.6m 8.4m 5.5m 39.8m
CannonballCannonball Yes 2.1m 7.2m 4.6m 32.6m
Mahogany plankMahogany plank Yes 1.8m 5.7m 3.7m 28.4m
Death runeDeath rune 1.8m 6.6m 4.2m 28.3m
Chaos runeChaos rune 1.6m 5.5m 3.6m 28.1m
Vial of waterVial of water 1.5m 5.7m 3.6m 25.7m
Dragon bonesDragon bones 1.4m 5.2m 3.3m 22.3m
Luminous energyLuminous energy Yes 1.4m 5.0m 3.2m 22.2m
CoalCoal 1.3m 5.0m 3.1m 21.4m
Magic notepaperMagic notepaper 1.2m 6.2m 3.7m 20.7m
Soul runeSoul rune Yes 1.2m 3.9m 2.6m 19.8m
Dinosaur scaleDinosaur scale Yes 1.1m 5.2m 3.2m 18.7m
Astral runeAstral rune Yes 1.2m 4.3m 2.7m 18.7m
Raw tunaRaw tuna 1.2m 4.0m 2.6m 18.4m
Yak-hideYak-hide Yes 1.0m 3.9m 2.5m 17.4m
Law runeLaw rune 985.9k 4.0m 2.5m 17.1m
Polypore sporePolypore spore Yes 980.8k 5.1m 3.0m 16.6m
Soda ashSoda ash Yes 1.3m 3.8m 2.5m 15.7m
Cosmic runeCosmic rune 1.0m 3.9m 2.4m 15.6m
Corrupted magic logsCorrupted magic logs Yes 822.6k 3.3m 2.1m 15.5m
PouchPouch 995.5k 2.9m 2.0m 14.3m
BowstringBowstring 676.1k 3.2m 1.9m 13.7m
Raw sharkRaw shark Yes 730.2k 2.8m 1.7m 13.5m
Araxyte arrowAraxyte arrow Yes 791.6k 2.8m 1.8m 13.3m
LuminiteLuminite 918.8k 3.0m 1.9m 12.8m
Rune barRune bar 762.7k 3.2m 2.0m 12.6m
Ascension shardAscension shard Yes 712.0k 3.6m 2.1m 12.1m
Mahogany logsMahogany logs 564.6k 2.7m 1.6m 12.0m
Gold barGold bar 896.2k 2.6m 1.8m 11.9m
Feather of Ma'atFeather of Ma'at Yes 794.9k 2.9m 1.9m 11.8m
FlaxFlax 563.4k 2.7m 1.7m 11.6m
Dragon arrowheadsDragon arrowheads Yes 626.6k 2.8m 1.7m 11.1m
Onyx bolts (e)Onyx bolts (e) Yes 803.4k 2.6m 1.7m 11.1m
Fishing baitFishing bait 661.5k 2.5m 1.6m 11.0m
Gold oreGold ore 926.5k 2.4m 1.7m 10.9m
SharkShark Yes 700.1k 2.3m 1.5m 10.6m
Runite oreRunite ore 640.2k 2.5m 1.6m 10.4m
Adamant arrowAdamant arrow 543.5k 2.4m 1.5m 10.3m
Raw swordfishRaw swordfish 607.9k 2.4m 1.5m 10.3m
Sunchoke seedSunchoke seed Yes 650.1k 2.2m 1.4m 9.9m
Soft claySoft clay 632.8k 2.3m 1.5m 9.8m
Coal stone spiritCoal stone spirit 518.9k 2.2m 1.4m 9.5m
Grenwall spikesGrenwall spikes Yes 535.4k 2.1m 1.3m 9.5m
Primal extractPrimal extract Yes 536.8k 1.9m 1.2m 9.0m
SpringSpring 524.6k 2.4m 1.4m 9.0m
Black dragon leatherBlack dragon leather Yes 383.3k 2.1m 1.3m 8.7m
Powerburst vialPowerburst vial Yes 573.0k 2.0m 1.3m 8.7m
Swamp tarSwamp tar Yes 504.7k 1.9m 1.2m 8.7m
Ascension boltsAscension bolts Yes 652.0k 2.1m 1.4m 8.6m
Iron oreIron ore 361.0k 2.0m 1.2m 8.5m
Brilliant energyBrilliant energy Yes 710.7k 1.9m 1.3m 8.5m
Royal boltsRoyal bolts Yes 576.5k 1.7m 1.1m 8.4m
Teak plankTeak plank Yes 503.1k 1.7m 1.1m 8.1m
Elder energyElder energy Yes 562.8k 1.8m 1.2m 8.0m
Big bonesBig bones 567.3k 1.9m 1.2m 8.0m
Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide 502.8k 1.9m 1.2m 8.0m
Fly trap seedFly trap seed Yes 441.8k 1.9m 1.2m 7.7m
Adamant arrowheadsAdamant arrowheads 373.9k 1.8m 1.1m 7.6m
Gold stone spiritGold stone spirit 515.1k 1.6m 1.1m 7.5m
Eye of newtEye of newt 278.9k 1.9m 1.1m 7.2m
Third Age ironThird Age iron 482.8k 1.6m 1.0m 7.2m
RocktailRocktail Yes 399.8k 1.7m 1.0m 7.2m
Lustrous energyLustrous energy Yes 452.1k 1.5m 980.0k 7.0m
Steel arrowSteel arrow 448.6k 1.5m 980.9k 7.0m
Raw bird meatRaw bird meat 478.3k 1.6m 1.1m 7.0m
Ancient gravelAncient gravel 509.3k 1.9m 1.2m 6.9m
Rune dartRune dart 425.3k 1.9m 1.1m 6.8m
ThreadThread 362.5k 1.3m 808.9k 6.5m
Ganodermic flakeGanodermic flake Yes 396.0k 1.4m 874.8k 6.5m
Sparkling energySparkling energy Yes 239.7k 1.7m 953.8k 6.5m
Mithril arrowMithril arrow 318.8k 1.5m 887.1k 6.5m
Green dragon leatherGreen dragon leather 407.4k 1.4m 914.7k 6.5m
Uncut diamondUncut diamond 458.6k 1.5m 978.0k 6.4m
Mud runeMud rune Yes 406.6k 1.6m 991.0k 6.3m
Raw rocktailRaw rocktail Yes 403.1k 1.6m 978.0k 6.2m
Raw sailfishRaw sailfish Yes 340.9k 1.4m 882.1k 6.2m