Grand Exchange

Most Traded Items

Top 100 most traded items

Trade Count
Item Members Icon Min Max Median Total
Spirit shardsSpirit shards 74.9m 1.3b 700.1m 3.8b
ChronotesChronotes 36.8m 492.6m 264.7m 1.4b
FeatherFeather 43.1m 343.3m 193.2m 1.1b
Pure essencePure essence 23.6m 236.8m 130.2m 702.2m
Incandescent energyIncandescent energy Yes 17.8m 177.4m 97.6m 564.7m
Air runeAir rune 12.7m 150.4m 81.5m 460.7m
Headless arrowHeadless arrow 12.1m 137.4m 74.8m 429.1m
Spirit runeSpirit rune Yes 12.2m 99.8m 56.0m 357.3m
Water runeWater rune 13.2m 108.7m 60.9m 336.5m
Fire runeFire rune 13.4m 103.0m 58.2m 329.4m
Arrow shaftArrow shaft 8.8m 136.9m 72.8m 319.0m
Earth runeEarth rune 15.5m 100.7m 58.1m 310.4m
VialVial 9.3m 120.5m 64.9m 297.3m
Rune arrowheadsRune arrowheads 10.1m 89.6m 49.9m 276.3m
Impure essenceImpure essence 8.3m 88.7m 48.5m 264.3m
Nature runeNature rune 8.7m 86.1m 47.4m 264.2m
Lesser necroplasmLesser necroplasm 8.0m 83.1m 45.6m 254.9m
Bone runeBone rune Yes 8.2m 68.4m 38.3m 243.0m
Body runeBody rune 7.2m 77.2m 42.2m 232.1m
Greater necroplasmGreater necroplasm Yes 5.8m 71.6m 38.7m 211.5m
Rune dart tipRune dart tip 3.9m 58.9m 31.4m 170.6m
Mind runeMind rune 5.4m 53.6m 29.5m 165.0m
Flesh runeFlesh rune Yes 6.5m 46.2m 26.3m 160.9m
EctoplasmEctoplasm 4.9m 50.6m 27.7m 156.8m
Rune arrowRune arrow 4.3m 42.8m 23.6m 156.4m
CannonballCannonball Yes 3.9m 51.4m 27.7m 151.3m
Maple logsMaple logs 4.2m 46.1m 25.1m 139.9m
Powerful necroplasmPowerful necroplasm Yes 7.2m 39.1m 23.1m 129.6m
Resonant anima of Bik (tradeable)Resonant anima of Bik ... Yes 3.3m 50.4m 26.9m 125.9m
Blood runeBlood rune Yes 4.7m 35.3m 20.0m 118.3m
Miasma runeMiasma rune Yes 4.8m 33.5m 19.2m 112.8m
Magic logsMagic logs 3.6m 40.2m 21.9m 112.5m
Resonant anima of Ful (tradeable)Resonant anima of Ful ... Yes 2.6m 30.4m 16.5m 108.6m
SpringSpring 2.8m 31.8m 17.3m 96.5m
Death runeDeath rune 3.0m 30.1m 16.5m 95.5m
Broad arrowheadsBroad arrowheads Yes 2.5m 28.3m 15.4m 91.6m
Soul runeSoul rune Yes 2.4m 32.7m 17.5m 91.5m
Astral runeAstral rune Yes 2.5m 25.2m 13.9m 80.8m
Rune dartRune dart 3.7m 22.7m 13.2m 80.2m
Coal stone spiritCoal stone spirit 2.9m 29.6m 16.3m 79.0m
Powerburst vialPowerburst vial Yes 2.4m 22.0m 12.2m 71.8m
CoalCoal 1.5m 26.4m 13.9m 71.3m
Chaos runeChaos rune 2.3m 23.2m 12.7m 71.1m
Resonant anima of Wen (tradeable)Resonant anima of Wen ... Yes 1.7m 23.6m 12.6m 68.8m
Magic notepaperMagic notepaper 1.9m 24.3m 13.1m 68.4m
Vial of waterVial of water 2.2m 20.9m 11.6m 62.4m
Onyx bolts (e)Onyx bolts (e) Yes 1.6m 19.4m 10.5m 60.4m
Yew logsYew logs 1.6m 16.3m 8.9m 52.8m
Cosmic runeCosmic rune 1.9m 16.8m 9.4m 50.8m
Fishing baitFishing bait 2.7m 17.3m 10.0m 50.6m
Law runeLaw rune 1.5m 16.6m 9.1m 49.6m
Rune boltsRune bolts 1.5m 15.8m 8.7m 48.9m
Onyx bolt tipsOnyx bolt tips Yes 1.7m 14.5m 8.1m 48.0m
Vibrant energyVibrant energy Yes 1.7m 16.1m 8.9m 47.9m
Iron stone spiritIron stone spirit 942.8k 21.0m 10.9m 47.4m
Sharp shell shardSharp shell shard Yes 712.3k 17.6m 9.1m 45.6m
Tempered fungal shaftTempered fungal shaft Yes 1.2m 23.0m 12.1m 43.2m
Mahogany plankMahogany plank Yes 1.5m 13.6m 7.6m 42.9m
Dragon bonesDragon bones 1.5m 14.5m 8.0m 42.5m
Radiant energyRadiant energy Yes 1.3m 13.6m 7.5m 42.3m
Polypore sporePolypore spore Yes 473.1k 14.3m 7.4m 42.2m
Luminite stone spiritLuminite stone spirit 983.5k 15.1m 8.0m 38.6m
Rune bolts (unf)Rune bolts (unf) 797.5k 14.0m 7.4m 38.4m
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone Yes 1.2m 11.1m 6.2m 38.3m
Gold oreGold ore 977.0k 11.9m 6.4m 37.1m
PouchPouch 1.0m 10.8m 5.9m 36.7m
Brilliant energyBrilliant energy Yes 1.1m 11.9m 6.5m 36.1m
Dinosaur 'propellant'Dinosaur 'propellant' Yes 1.2m 14.4m 7.8m 35.2m
Resonant anima of Jas (tradeable)Resonant anima of Jas ... Yes 1.2m 10.1m 5.7m 35.1m
Onyx boltsOnyx bolts Yes 1.4m 10.0m 5.7m 34.9m
Luminous energyLuminous energy Yes 1.0m 11.9m 6.5m 34.8m
Elemental anima stoneElemental anima stone Yes 906.9k 11.3m 6.1m 34.2m
AshesAshes 1.3m 10.9m 6.1m 33.8m
Ascension boltsAscension bolts Yes 1.2m 9.4m 5.3m 32.7m
DinarrowDinarrow Yes 1.1m 11.0m 6.1m 32.4m
Raw tunaRaw tuna 1.0m 10.3m 5.7m 31.6m
Elder energyElder energy Yes 766.3k 8.9m 4.9m 31.2m
Hydrix bolt tipsHydrix bolt tips Yes 890.7k 9.6m 5.2m 31.0m
Blood Reaver scroll (Blood Siphon)Blood Reaver scroll (B... Yes 860.7k 8.5m 4.7m 29.5m
Corrupted magic logsCorrupted magic logs Yes 798.1k 9.1m 4.9m 29.2m
Gold barGold bar 584.9k 9.4m 5.0m 28.5m
DragonstoneDragonstone Yes 795.2k 8.6m 4.7m 28.3m
Silverhawk feathersSilverhawk feathers 850.7k 9.9m 5.4m 27.7m
Infernal ashesInfernal ashes Yes 793.4k 9.5m 5.2m 27.6m
Ancient gravelAncient gravel 1.1m 9.1m 5.1m 27.5m
Steel arrowSteel arrow 631.2k 8.9m 4.8m 27.3m
Raw sharkRaw shark Yes 794.5k 8.7m 4.7m 26.8m
Ascendri boltsAscendri bolts Yes 1.2m 8.2m 4.7m 26.8m
Iron oreIron ore 780.8k 11.6m 6.2m 26.6m
Mahogany logsMahogany logs 823.3k 8.2m 4.5m 26.5m
Uncut diamondUncut diamond 874.8k 8.5m 4.7m 25.9m
Bronze arrowheadsBronze arrowheads 1.1m 9.1m 5.1m 25.3m
Grenwall spikesGrenwall spikes Yes 674.3k 7.9m 4.3m 24.2m
LuminiteLuminite 511.2k 7.8m 4.2m 23.5m
Ascension shardAscension shard Yes 1.2m 6.7m 4.0m 23.3m
Adamant arrowAdamant arrow 636.4k 6.9m 3.8m 23.2m
Steel barSteel bar 612.7k 9.0m 4.8m 23.0m
Raw rocktailRaw rocktail Yes 781.5k 8.3m 4.5m 23.0m
Runite oreRunite ore 488.8k 8.0m 4.2m 22.8m
Light animica stone spiritLight animica stone sp... Yes 571.7k 8.4m 4.5m 22.7m