Poll: Update priorities & new slayer drops

 Poll: Update priorities & new slayer drops

In August last year we ran a poll to ask you what you think our priorities should be for Old School. We think that now is the time to run a similar poll.

Below you will find some of the most talked about content updates over the last few months and we want to ask you tell us what your top three are. We will poll three identical questions. At the end of the poll we will combine the results to identify the updates which are most important to you. Having the same question three times will allow you to vote for more than one update if you are excited by more than one of these options. Of course, if you are only interested in one update then you can vote for it in all the questions.

Although the results of this poll will identify to us what is important to you, it won't necessarily be possible for us to release these updates in the order of importance and therefore poll these ideas in that order. Some of the updates listed below will require new skills to be brought into the team, new technology or new game engine features. Knowing what is important to you will allow us to start work on acquiring the new skills, technology and anything else to be able to deliver these updates, even if the updates are months in the future.

As with every game update, each of these features will need to pass a poll when it is time to poll them.

We also have some slayer monsters to add into Old School from the slayer poll last year. The monsters are ready and we just need to know what you would like them to drop. To find our more about these ideas, please read the New Slayer Drops! developer blog (317-318-681-65334851). You will find these questions at the end of this poll.

  • A clan wars system designed not to have a negative impact on Wilderness activity
  • A pvp activity using the old Bounty Hunter mechanic designed not to have a negative impact on Wilderness activity
  • A solution to the trading issues
  • Achievement diaries for many areas of Gielinor
  • Bank tabs
  • Clue scroll expansion featuring new rewards, clues and puzzles
  • Introducing a new skill
  • Small quality of life updates
  • The remaining content from the game archive including Path of Glouphrie quest, Land of the
  • Goblins quest and ZMI altar
  • Uber quest which advances the stories of multiple quest lines

This poll will run until Monday 7th April.

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