12-Month Premier Membership - 2022/2023

12-Month Premier Membership - 2022/2023


Premier is the very best way to enjoy RuneScape! With a 12-Month Membership you get to enjoy everything Gielinor has to offer with a 45% discount compared to subscribing monthly. There’s also a whole host of instant rewards and monthly benefits included! Join Today!

This festival period, give yourself (or someone else) the ultimate gift – and secure your access to all of the exciting content making its way to RuneScape in 2023.

Membership Packages

Get 12-Month Premier package and you'll be all set to experience every new adventure heading to the game throughout the year!

Existing active Memberships will continue to be charged at your current rate. Here are the prices for new Memberships:

Currency Premier 12 Month Standard 6 Month Standard 1 Month
USD 79.99 59.99 12.49
GBP 59.99 44.99 8.99
EUR 69.99 53.99 10.99
AUD 119.99 80.99 16.99
CAD 113.99 71.99 14.99

14-Day Memberships are still available for 1 Bond. You can get a 12-Month Premier Membership for 20 Bonds.

What’s Included With Membership?

RuneScape and Old School Membership gets you loads of new skills, hundreds of new quests, and access to all the best content in the game!

12-month Premier Membership is our best value offer:

Up to a 45% discount off standard monthly subscription for Old School and RuneScape accounts.

Instant rewards and monthly benefits:*

  • Demon Hunter Armour Set
  • Stalker Pet

  • Vault Access
  • Free Boss Instance
  • 100 Bank Spaces
  • 1 month of Double Keys
  • 3 Premier Reward Tokens
  • 150,000 Loyalty Points

  • Premier Artifact
  • Extra Daily Key (not available on Fresh Start Worlds during the Competitive phase)
  • VIP World Access
  • Premier Pass
  • Runemetrics Pro Discount

* Rewards and benefits are for RuneScape only and do not apply to Old School RuneScape.


Got questions about Premier Membership? No problem, let’s get them answered!

Q: Will I be able to keep the Bank Space from previous events?

A: Yes. Please note that the additional Bank Space is a yearly benefit associated with Premier Membership and does not stack: so, if you already have premier Membership from 2022 and you're purchasing Premier Membership 2023, you’ll keep the +100 Bank Spaces that came with Premier Membership but won’t gain another +100. If you have purchased a Steam DLC package with additional Bank Spaces, the Premier Membership Bank Spaces are the same as the +100 from that DLC, so will also not stack.

Q: Can I still get Premier Membership via Steam?

A: Yes, you can purchase it via Steam.

Q: What's planned for RuneScape next year?

A: We have a lot of exciting updates planned for 2023: updated Death Cost, a new storyline, new skilling method, new quests and a brand new skill!

Q: Will you continue updating Premier Membership with new benefits every year like you did for Premier Club?

A: Yes! We will continue to refresh Premier Membership on a yearly basis with new rewards, just like how Premier Club used to work.

Q: What are the Artefact boosts?

A: The Premier Artefact provides you with a selection of temporary boosts to choose from, each giving you an increase in your skilling activities.

The available boosts are:

  • 10% increased XP from all normal sources.
  • One free Aura reset.
  • 50% chance to act like a Sign of the Porter.
  • 20% increased hit chance against enemies which are low on health (does not work in PvP) and a 10% chance that your Slayer task count will not decrease with each creature killed.

You can use each of these boosts once per day, and they all last for one hour aside from the Aura reset, which has a one-time daily use.

Q: What can I redeem my Reward Tokens for?

A: You can redeem your tokens for any of these goodies:

Cosmetic Outfits

  • 2021 Ceremonial Guard Outfit
  • 2020 Bright Inquisitor Outfit
  • 2019 Valkyrie Outfit
  • 2019 Dragonkin Imperial Outfit
  • 2018 Stormborn Armour
  • 2017 Duskwing Outfit
  • 2016 Menaphite Outfit
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock Armour
  • 2015 Mahjarrat Outfit
  • 2014 Lava Hood and Wings
  • 2014 Samurai Outfit and Sword
  • 2013 Capoeira Outfit
  • 2013 Aurora Armour
  • 2013 Skypouncer Outfit
  • 2012 Paladin Outfit


  • 2021 Ozzie
  • 2020 T-Bone Companion Pet
  • 2018 Björn Pet
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock Pet
  • 2015 Postie Pete Pet
  • 2014 Lava Hawk Pet
  • 2014 Kirin Pet
  • 2013 Piggles Pet
  • 2013 Porkins Pet
  • 2012 Bloodpouncer Pet


  • 2018 Lightning Weapons
  • 2016 Crystal Peacock Weapons
  • 2015 Retro Swords
  • 2012 Barbed Bow
  • 2012 Golden Katana
  • 2012 Lightning Pack
  • 2011 Ornate Katana


  • 2013 Sinister Clown Face
  • 2013 Xmas Pudding Head
  • 2013 Snowman Head
  • 2012 Flaming Skull
  • 2012 Scarecrow Mask
  • 2011 Turkey Hat
  • 2011 Ice Mask


  • 2015 Retro Teleport
  • 2015 Retro Emotes (Dance and Joy)
  • 2014 Grey Skin
  • 2014 Onyx Skin
  • 2011 Green Skin

Q: If I buy Premier Membership before November, will I be able to claim the new cosmetic rewards from the new Premier Membership package?

A: We refresh the Premier Membership rewards around November each year, so any player with an active Premier Membership on their account can claim the new cosmetic rewards.

Instant rewards (like the 150K Loyalty Points) are only awarded upon the purchase of a new Premier Membership package.

- The RuneScape Team

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