200 Million: Win Lifetime Membership to RuneScape!

200 million is an obscenely big number. It’s more than the population of Brazil; it’s the most XP you can gain in a skill; and it’s very nearly the number of accounts that have been created in RuneScape’s long and exciting history.

Here at the studio we’re really proud to be closing in on such an exciting number but, of course, we’d be nothing if it weren’t for you: our community. 200 million accounts means millions and millions of RuneScape stories, experiences and memories, and through the competition we’re launching today, we hope to hear as many of them as possible!

What does 200 million accounts mean to you? What’s your fondest RuneScape memory? What content would you like to see in the future? Whether you’ve been with us since day one or for just one day, send us a video telling us of your experiences and you could be in line to win some suitably massive prizes.

Among the prizes up for grabs are three lifetime memberships to RuneScape, limited edition t-shirts, and piles of beautiful, signed concept art.

You’ll find full competition details, including tips for entering, example entries, and competition terms & conditions, on the dedicated thread.

Good luck to you all!

Paul M

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