2022 Account Services & Player Security Improvements

2022 Account Services & Player Security Improvements

Our commitment to leveling up our Account Services and Player Security continues, and we know it's something many of you passionately want to see improved. We can't stress enough how much we appreciate that RuneScape accounts are more than just a game save – they're the embodiment of your adventures, your hard-earned accomplishments, and your valuable time. You want to know that they are protected at all costs, and there are clearly areas where we can do better. We hear you.

In 2019, we started a journey which has transformed the way we have approached account security. This was an evolutionary and, in places, revolutionary process. We stepped up to the challenge of old technology and spaghettified code.

To ensure we achieve of goal of providing a best-in-class service, the Publishing Platform team has been working diligently on the New Publishing Platform. The primary projects releasing in 2022 are the Jagex Launcher and Jagex Accounts.

Jagex Launcher

The Windows Beta Launcher

The Jagex Launcher Windows Beta is live, and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

We encourage everyone to give it a go. The launcher remembers your account credentials, makes it faster and easier to play the game, solves the "Too many logins…" issue.

Download the launcher here: Jagex Launcher Webpage

The beta is just the beginning, here are the remaining releases for this year:

  • Initial RuneLite support – We are currently working with Adam at RuneLite to integrate his client with the launcher. The first step will be making the launcher is compatible with existing RuneLite installs and offers a download link if the person doesn't yet have RuneLite.
  • Multiple RuneScape Accounts - Soon, you'll be able to add all your RuneScape accounts into the launcher, authenticate them and then switch between characters, or play them simultaneously, with ease.
  • Commercial release of the launcher – macOS support, improved UI, and full RuneLite integration and installation
  • Support for the Old School Enhanced Client - As you may well know, Jagex is working on an Enhanced C++ client. Through the launcher you'll be able to play OSRS via our Java Client, our Enhanced Client, or via RuneLite as you see fit.

Jagex Accounts

In parallel, we are preparing to release the new Jagex Account System, which is focused on player security and robustness of service.

On the initial release, Jagex accounts offer the following benefits:

  • Improved password complexity, including the use of special characters and case-sensitivity
  • Stronger multi-factor authentication, with backup codes
  • Email notifications for new device logins and when account changes are made
  • Additional verification on repeat log in attempts
  • Enhanced bot protection
  • Improved account recovery flow

Jagex Account Screenshots

Jagex Accounts will be released in three stages. First, we will allow the creation of new Jagex accounts. Then, we will offer a simple migration process to upgrade from a RuneScape account to a Jagex account. And finally, we will allow multiple RuneScape accounts to be merged into a single Jagex account so that all your characters can be accessed with one set of login credentials. At that point, there will be a character selection and management screen in-game, and creating a new character will require just a single click.

Account Migration Steps

Step 1: Verify Ownership

Step 2: Set up Jagex Account

Step 3: Use New Account

Live Chat with Customer Service

Additionally, we are also investigating additional service enhancements. We are in the process of upgrading the Support Centre and will explore offering a form of live chat for some support queries to understand the challenges and benefits to players before we determine if this is something we can roll out to some or all players.

In Closing

The publishing platform team is excited to be delivering value to you this year. As features are released, we intend to keep everyone informed via news posts, blogs, and an occasional live stream.

Discuss this announcement on our official forums, the community-led 2007Scape Reddit, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #old-school channel.

Mod Fife, Mod Korpz, and the Publishing Platform team