5v5 Tournament Finals!

In the first round of the 5v5 Tournament, 250 teams battled for supremacy. After a host of gruelling matches the victors progressed to the second round and faced ever more brutal matches against some of the best PvP combatants that RuneScape has to offer. Now that the dust has settled on the Clan Wars arena, only 16 remain. The 16 teams going through to the knock out phase can be found in the 5v5 Tournament Hall of Fame.

Congratulations go out to those brave warriors for making it this far. They all now face the exciting sudden death knockout stage guaranteed to test their PvP mettle to the limit.

Spectators looking to cheer on their chosen heroes can find full details in the 5v5 Hall of Fame. There you'll find up-to-the-minute coverage including the results of each battle and when each battle commences.

The culmination of the tournament will be an epic battle taking place on August 27th 2011. Only then will we know which five combatants will be flying to this year's RuneFest to face the Jagex Pro Clan Wars team.

A chosen few will get to witness the final battle taking place live on stage in what will be the PvP faceoff to end them all. There's not just a Clan Wars win on the line here, there's the reputation of the Jagex Pro Team at stake! The Pro Team will be taking no prisoners and right now, you can be sure that they are following a strict training regime.

To goad on the team of your choice and see the fear in their eyes, you will need to be ringside at RuneFest 2011. So grab yourself a ticket and book your place at the first ever 5v5 Clan Wars final showdown.

The RuneFest Team

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