A Clockwork Syringe

Just when you thought the nautical nonsense of the pirate quest series couldn’t get any more preposterous, Rabid Jack’s minions step things up a notch with their most diabolical plan yet. Zombie Surgeon General Mi-Gor has teamed up with his cohort, Mechanical Murphy, and (with Captain Donnie supplying the ‘rum’) started mass production of an army of barrelchests!

Before they begin their invasion plan, they’ve sent a little ‘care package’ your way to stop you from interfering. If you manage to deal with that and then put some proof at the ‘head’ of the table to convince a reluctant Bill Teach, then you’ll soon be off on The Adventurous for another high-seas misadventure, in A Clockwork Syringe.

Before you stands a waterlogged dungeon, scenes of horrific torture, makeshift transportation, a nefarious seagull and quite possibly the world’s most miniature maritime massacre. Stick to your guns (and anchors), though, and you’ll receive a nice chunk of XP in a wide range of skills...and probably more concussions than all previous pirate quests combined.

We've even prepared a pirate quest-related recap for those with a memory like Teach's fishing nets. Head to Port Sarim docks or the larger of the two pubs on Mos Le’Harmless to get an earful of Bard Roberts' sea shanties.

Mod Liono
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to start A Clockwork Syringe:

Go to your player-owned house portal and talk to Postie Pete, then read the delivery note attached to the portal.

Requirements to start A Clockwork Syringe:

50 Dungeoneering
61 Slayer
62 Construction
65 Summoning
74 Smithing
74 Thieving
76 Defence
Rocking Out

In other news...

We’ve added a handful of new and very straightforward Tasks to Lumbridge to help new players find their feet. If you find yourself missing your Taskmaster emote, that’ll be why.

Explorer Jack now handles all money rewards from the Task System. Set armour (eg the Varrock chest) is still given out by prominent locals (eg Rat Burgiss).

The Grand Exchange has been updated to start warning players potentially selling expensive items way below the recommended price, and also will now display a more descriptive message saying how many of what items have been sold/bought when away from the Grand Exchange.

The Task System has undergone a usablity update, making the tooltip display the description of each Task in addition to the Task's name.

Rantz has decided to start offering his chompy hats via a new interface, instead of trying to give every single hat he finds to players who have earned the hats.

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