A Farewell to our Forums

A Farewell to our Forums

Today, we're saying goodbye to the Official RuneScape Forums

They've been a part of RuneScape's history for decades, and the stories told across the forums have been fundamental in shaping the network of 'Scapers across the globe into the amazing community it is today. The connections made, the friendships forged and the stories told on the forums are legendary, and will be part of RuneScape's tapestry forever. We want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who made the forums what they were! For those of you who called them home, we’d also like to highlight some of the other online meeting places that have flourished in recent years.

Join our Official Community Hubs!

Firstly, there’s the Official Discord! Here we’ve established a thriving Clan section for you to connect and chat with Clannies across the globe. You can also drop in and ask questions of our wonderful Mentors, a community of helpful players who will be delighted to help you get on the right track! Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it on the Discord – and you might even spot a JMod or two in there as well. Sometimes they’re asking for feedback or suggestions, so don't be shy if you see one…

Looking to discuss the hot topics of the day at a slightly gentler pace? The RuneScape Subreddit is a great spot for connecting with your fellow 'Scapers while scoring a few upvotes along the way! It’s a bustling community to jump into for discussion, insights, memories and memes.

And last but by no mean least, The RS Wiki continues to be the go-to encyclopedia of the ins and outs of quests, monsters and mechanics in RuneScape. If it exists in Gielinor, these folks have an article (or five) about it with everything you need to know!

To those of you who have contributed to the forums throughout the years: thank you. Our community is truly one of a kind, and we do not say goodbye to such a rich and important part of our shared history easily.

The time and dedication that our players have given to forum threads has not gone unnoticed – they wouldn't have run for this long without the sustained effort of an incredible community, as well as the vital contributions from the Forum Moderators and Community Helpers who have supported us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and hope you will join us in the next phase!

The RuneScape Team
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