A Tail of Two Cats

For years, Bob the cat has wandered the fields of RuneScape, confusing those around him with his random meows… but who is this social enigma? Many rumours have spread round about who, what or why he is, but nobody truly knows the truth… or do they? Unferth the unfortunate local of Burthorpe has sadly left his garden gate open one time too many, and Bob has gone missing.

This quest features romance, heroes, legends, intrigue, destiny, and a whole bunch of other amazing things, including some fantastic cutscenes and a very, very lovesick Bob. Can you look after pets, crusade across deserts, use your home made Bob tracking device and save the day? Would you like one of RuneScape's most popular characters to owe you a favour? If so, check out the A Tail of Two Cats quest page now. You're bound to learn more than you thought…

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