April Merch Update - This Week In RuneScape

April Merch Update - This Week In RuneScape

New plushies on the way and find out about the upcoming quest in our livestream!

Merch Update
New plushies and a last chance for the 20 Years book

More Plushies from Makeship!

The latest campaign from our plushie partner, Makeship is now live featuring some iconic legacy outfits!

  • Gold-trimmed Rune Champion
  • Dragon Chainbody
  • Cute Noob
  • Virtus

Which of these is your favourite? Don't worry if you can't decide - buy two and you get a 5% discount, three a 10% discount and all four a 15% discount!

Pre-orders are open now for a limited time only - so get them while you can!

RuneScape: The First 20 Years Deluxe Edition - last US stock released!

If you missed out on a copy of the deluxe edition of this book, published back in 2021 for the 20th anniversary and have been hankering after a copy – you're in luck! The official merch store had held some stock back in a US warehouse to cover returns, and now they're being released for sale. There are just 30-odd copies available, so grab your copy while you can.

This deluxe edition is only available from the official merch store here! The standard edition (with a red cover) should still be available from some retailers globally, but stock will also be limited.

Livestream Calendar
Upcoming Livestreams

Tuesday April 16th | 16:00 Game Time | Requiem For a Dragon

Gather round as Mods Doom, Shrike , Zura and Stu chat about the upcoming quest Requiem For a Dragon!

Tune in live over at twitch.tv/RuneScape for all the details.

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts April 16th | Ends April 17th | Genies Wishes

Be careful what you wish for... you might just get it! Find Karima in your chest to make your wish come true – or enhance your next wish for even greater rewards!

Starts April 18th | Ends April 22nd | Cerberus Rush

The hound from hell is here once again as a triple threat! A 3x multiplier is active for the entire promotion so you will always be getting thrice the rewards.

Unstable Proteans

This event will introduce a new variety of Proteans – Unstable Proteans! these are overcharged Proteans that will give players 10% more XP then previous ones, but they are not useable during DXP and do not benefit from Knowledge Bombs.

Patch Notes
Fixes and Improvements in this Week's Game Update


  • Fixed an issue with the fire VFX during TzKal-Zuk's Igneous Rain phase. Looks like Zuk Pizza is back on the Menu!
  • Fixed incorrect scaling and mouse pointer offset on macOS 10.14 and below.
  • Fixed an issue where models were not loading in or game was freezing when multiple clients were active simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue where the client could freeze at the start of the escape sequence in the Desperate Measures quest.


  • Fixed a stuttering frame at the end of the Unicorn Stallion familiar's despawn animation.
  • The gate of the Catherby bee farm has been fixed. This gate is situated West of the Catherby lodestone but on the East side of the farm, so lets just say Weast and call it a day.
  • Added an option to note Coconuts when using the Magic Notepaper on them.
  • The door at the end of 'Empty Children' mystery now has collision.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to recolour pets in the customisations tab.
  • Removed a force walk tile located next to Uncommon gem rocks in Al Kharid area.
  • Removed unnecessary force walk tiles present in Fort Forinthry's Grove area.
  • Fixed an issue that shortened the weekly challenges time window by one day for players that logged in or out of the game on the exact moment when the reset occurred.
  • The Sodden Note now works as expected when used on the washing line in the Garden of Kharid.
  • The Falador Party Room Balloon Bonanza will no longer be blocked by planting Mithril Seeds in the Party Room.

The latest updates from our community

Community Showcase

@Yareeeebear's chibi Zemouregal and Vorkath are quite the adorable duo, aren't they?
Zemouregal is really showing his years as he is locked up by @Vilmokas!
Lights01 just wants to get this rituals done, but some local Um residents keep causing havoc....


Are you a Jack of All trades? Well @IronAraxxor is here to breakdown why you should be using the Aura!
Blending wonderful art and insight conversations, @A_C_P_L dives into the visual design of Necromancy.

Scapers' Screenshots

Le Squirrel has found that Zanaris can be a magical place at night.
Demonheadge has found the roaming Egguin who has escaped Easter... Flee Egguin Flee!
Starberg brings Miso for a walk through Dino Island Anachronia.

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Nex - Angel Of Death

  • Hosted by: Pippyspot & Boss Guild
  • Date/Time: Friday April 19th, 20:00 Game Time
  • World: 88
  • Location: God Wars Dungeon - Ancient Prison
  • FC: Boss Guild

Nex - Angel Of Death

  • Hosted by: Spotleewolf & Nexaodmass
  • Date/Time: Friday April 19th, 23:00 Game Time
  • World: 92
  • Location: God Wars Dungeon - Ancient Prison
  • FC: Nexaodmass

Penguin Hide and Seek

  • Hosted by: A Neb & RuneScape Discord Mentors
  • Date/Time: Sunday April 21st, 19:15 Game Time
  • World: 60
  • Location: Ardougne Zoo
  • FC: AHelp

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

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