What's Happening in December

What's Happening in December

There's plenty going on this Christmas period in RuneScape! On top of our brand new Christmas Village seasonal update, we've got some other events and bonuses going on over the holidays.

Here's a look at what to expect:

Santas Grotto & Promotions
28th November - 3rd January

Throughout the month of December, Treasure Hunter will get in on the seasonal theme too. Each promotion will offer wrapping paper rewards in various ways, including through the Prize Present meter.

Prize Present Meter

The prize present meter will appear on the bottom of each of the promotions running during the time frame and will track your progress towards milestone prizes at every 25 key interval with a bigger prize awarded for filling the prize meter at 100 keys.

Completing these milestones will earn you presents and wrapping paper on top of what you earn for using the key or win in the promotion! Progress is saved across promotions and the track is repeatable.

Loot Rooms 28th November - 3rd December

Wrap up warm before you head into the Loot Rooms! The Snowy Chest will award players who open it with bigger drops of wrapping paper!

Academy of Heroes: Ice Edition 4th December - 10th December

The Echo of Arch Glacor is back again bringing back several previously released Azure-themed overrides to the season! In your battles, you'll also be able to find the Treasure Goebie while training - defeat them for a larger boon of wrapping paper!

Dragon's Dozen 11th December - 17th December

Dozens of dragons all over the place! In this instance of Dragon's Dozen, every gem has a wrapping paper option added. You can stock up, or get a huge boost from the shadow gem giving a whopping 50000 wrapping paper!

Santa's Grotto 18th December - 3rd January

To end out the season with a bang, Santa's Grotto is making a return! You can get your hands on the brand new Purple Santa hat via this promotion! You'll also be getting your Grotto bonus on top of the Prize Present Meter for even more bonuses.

Christmas Village & Black PartyHat
27th November - January 4th

In the land of snow, glistening with holiday cheer, lies a brand new area for you to discover - the Christmas Village!

Here you will find the new seasonal Quest and a whole host of jolly activities with Christmassy rewards for you to discover, as you help Santa and the snow imps to raise Christmas spirit across Gielinor! Collect Nice Points to hand in at Santa's Lodge for the chance to find a black partyhat under the tree this year!

Check out our dedicated blog to learn more about the new area, seasonal quest and more.

Weekly Buffs
4th December - January 4th

Throughout December, we'll be introducing a new stacking buff that builds each week until January 4th!

  • Week 1: Free Daily Challenge Extensions
  • Week 2: Tier 4 Luck (Tier 1 Luck in F2P)
  • Week 3: Free Aura Resets
  • Week 4: Safe Deaths

Presents from the Imps
27th November - January 4th

Noel has taken on the role of "official wrapper-er of festive stuff" from the Pete's, but he needs a helpful hand from someone special - you!

You will find Noel near Santa's Lodge and you can help him out this year by collecting up wrapping paper and returning it in exchange for Presents! Wrapping Paper can be earned at regular intervals whilst playing the game, from using Treasure Hunter keys and as part of Treasure Hunter promotions.

Brand new this year is Santa's Christmas present. This new present contains a unique set of untradeable cosmetic unlocks with additional dyes and coins available to earn! Rewards from the presents contain a host of items previously found in Treasure Hunter this year including the Boulder Pet, Hedge Teleport, Azure and Chaotic Ability Override. You'll also get the chance to find 10M coins, Aurora Dye, Soul Dye and this year's new colour of Santa Hat - Purple!

If you already own or earn one of the untradeable items in this present, it will disappear from the pool - so you don't need to worry about duplicates! The only exception to this are the dyes and Purple Santa Hat, which are tradable and you can earn multiples of.

Check out the lists below or talk to Noel any time during the event to see the full rewards!


This year there are 5 types of Presents! The White/Blue/Purple & Gold have returned from last year, but we have a brand new one in the form of Santa's Christmas Present! No shaking boxes needed here! Take a look at what's inside each kind:


click to open

Oddments x 10
Coins x 2500*
Small Lamp*
Small Star*
Tight Spring x10*
Silverhawk Feather x5*
Christmas Pudding x2-4
Mulled Wine x7
Mince Pie
Yule Log x2-4
Turkey Drumstick x12
Roast Potatoes x2-3
Gold Ring x5
Sea Turtle x2
Egg x3
Bucket of Milk x8
Cosy Title Scroll
Coalington's Ember
Green Santa Hat Emote Token
Yellow Party Cracker Emote Token
Green Party Cracker Emote Token
Purple Santa Hat


click to open

Oddments x25
Coins x5000*
Medium Lamp*
Medium Star*
Tight Spring x20*
Silverhawk Feather x10*
Christmas Pudding x2-4
Mulled Wine x7
Mince Pie
Yule Log x2-4
Turkey Drumstick x12
Roast Potatoes x2-3
Gold Ring x5
Sea Turtle x2
Egg x3
Bucket of Milk x8
Naughty title Scroll
Nice title Scroll
Frosty Title Scroll
Winter Scarf
Winter Hat
Red Santa Hat Emote Token
Purple Party Cracker Emote Token
Red Party Cracker Emote Token
Purple Santa Hat


click to open

Oddments x100
Medium Lamp*
Medium Star*
Large Lamp*
Large Star*
Coins x100,000*
Aurora title Scroll
Festive title Scroll
Fairylight Fishing token
Festive Warrior (Skeleton Warrior) scroll
Purple Santa Hat Emote Token
Black Santa Hat Emote Token
White Party Cracker Emote Token
Blue Party Cracker Emote Token
Black Party Cracker Emote Token
Purple Santa Hat


Those lucky enough to pick up a Gold Present will be guaranteed to find a Purple Santa's hat inside!

Santa's Christmas present!

click to open

Coins x10,000,000**
Azure Dragonbreath scroll (untradeable)
Chaotic swiftness scroll (untradeable)
Azure Sunshine scroll (untradeable)
Chaotic Berserk scroll (untradeable)
Azure Berserk scroll (untradeable)
Champion's Hurricane scroll (untradeable)
Chaotic Hurricane scroll (untradeable)
Shock Barricade scroll (untradeable)
Boulder Pet Token (untradeable)
Running Scared Walk Token (untradeable)
Hall of Fame Walk Token (untradeable)
Hedge Teleport Token (untradeable)
Rainbow Title Scroll (untradeable)
Ranger Roll Walk token (untradeable)
Enforcer Walk Token (untradeable)
Woodland Archer's token (untradeable)
Herald's outfit token (untradeable)
Stratus cloud token (untradeable)
Lucky Arcane Spirit Shield
Lucky Spectral Spirit Shield
Lucky Divine Spirit Shield
Lucky Elysian Spirit Shield
Aurora Dye
Soul Dye
Purple Santa Hat

*Ironman players cannot acquire these items from the respective presents.

** Ironman players will receive 5000 oddments instead of the coin prize in the Santa's Christmas gift.

Wrapping Paper Doubler

Want to get your hands on more paper? For 1 bond, you will be able to purchase a wrapping paper doubler that doubles the wrapping paper you earn via gameplay for the whole time the wrapping paper is available!

Advent Calendar
1st December - December 24th

The Advent Calendar is back! Kick start your countdown to Christmas with 24 rewards available each day. Jump in each day and claim your reward, if you collect 15 rewards on the day they are unlocked across the calendar you will earn an extra streak bonus reward. This year, we've included some Snow Imp themed emotes to spread some Christmas cheer as you wait outside Santa's Lodge - or before you slay that boss, if that's how you like to roll.

- The RuneScape Team

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