Around the Campfire Live Q&A - The Death of Chivalry

Around the Campfire Live Q&A - The Death of Chivalry

Today, heroes all around Gielinor boldly took the first step towards unfolding the story of the 6th age. Side by side with the audacious Sir Owen, they undertook a risky mission to the heart of the Kinshra organization. They fought deadly enemies, made tough choices and came out of it alive.

It’s time to gather round and talk about our latest adventure, fellow Gielinorians! Joining us will be Sir Osborne (Senior Narrative Designer), Sir Alex R (Senior Modeller), Sir Stu (Senior Content Developer) and Sir Giara (QA Tester), along with Sir Adam and Sir Ian from the Audio Team. Keeping them in order and answering your questions as efficiently as possible will be Lady Phoenix with the Dark Knight Sabre from the Community Management Team.

Come along and join us in another fun live chat this Thursday! With such heavy JMod presence, chances are you'll find out more than you ever hoped for. Those hungry for answers to their questions about art, lore, music and everything else about the first 6th Age quest, how this piece of content came alive, and what’s next on the horizon should definitely not miss out on this opportunity!

When: Thursday, 15th August 2013 – 6pm BST (1pm EDT, 10am PDT)

Where: On the official RuneScape Forums in Community Home. You’ll be able to start typing your questions in the embedded form at 6pm.


  • The live chat will take place on our forums in Community Home. Just follow the 'discuss this here' link and you’ll be able to see an embedded form on the thread.
  • Once the event has gone live you can start typing in your questions in the embedded window on the first post. Please note that questions posted on the discussion thread won’t be answered.
  • If you are not at your desk/home at 6pm, fear not! You should be able to view and join the live chat from your smartphone/tablet. Head over to the thread via the ‘discuss this here’ link below. If you have difficulty, try this link instead.


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