Audio Team Podcast

Audio Team Podcast

One of the major upgrades that arrived with RuneScape 3 was the reworked audio system, and the Audio Team went all-out in creating a breathtaking new score to herald in the new age. In this week’s podcast, Mod Phoenix chats to Mods Lord, Ian, Mik, Bond and Adam R about their roles, backgrounds and what they get up to when creating the fantastic audio you hear in RuneScape.

Our intrepid audio experts discuss a range of subjects, from their favourite musical instruments to what they’re working on right now, and fans of RuneScape audio will definitely want to listen in.

You can catch the RuneScape podcast every Thursday at 9pm on RuneRadio, and episodes are available for download shortly after broadcast, on our official Podbean page and on iTunes.

Tune in next week when Mod Osborne and friends return in another episode of Above the Lore to discuss the backstory of Divination, the next RuneScape skill!

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