Community Round-Up 15/08

All the latest news, events and creations from around the community in this week’s Community Round-Up!


This week’s podcast theme is The Gods and Factions of Gielinor. Join Mod Osborne and other members of the RuneScape Content Team as they discuss who has gained their support in the Battle of Lumbridge and beyond.

The podcast is broadcast on Thursday evenings at 9pm BST on RuneZone’s RuneRadio. If you miss an episode, you can check out the archives on our Podbean channel, as well as iTunes.


Are you brave enough to seek the hidden treasures of the infamous Barrows Brothers? Join RuneHQ’s Events Team this Saturday as they seek to lay the brothers to rest once more. Check out their event thread for all the details.

If you’re ever looking for an event to get involved with on a weekend, why not head over to the Weekly Forumer Events thread? The WFE always have something going on, and they welcome all players to pop along and join in.

Fan site News

Want to get the most out of our Battle of Lumbridge world event? Tip.It have you covered with this handy guide, which details the various activities you can take part in and the rewards you can earn.

Here’s something a little bit different: RuneScape Today Magazine is aiming to provide a new spin on RuneScape fan sites, with magazine-style articles on a range of topics. From tips on running a clan to RS-related crafts, there’s sure to be something that interests you.

Players seeking that prestigious max cape will likely find this Max/Comp Cape Calculator site useful for tracking their progress. How close are you?

Community Videos

Check out this beautiful cover of the RuneScape track Harmony, using an alto saxophone and ocarina, by iZant.

Fan Art

Phoenix fans will appreciate the latest picture in Prezleek’s RS Quest Titlecard series, In Pyre Need. You can check out the other images in the series here.

CRU Fan Art 1508 Prezleek

Warriors of Saradomin and Zamorak face off in this great digital painting by Xara.

CRU Fan Art 1508 Xara

That’s all for this week! If you have an event, site, video or piece of artwork, why not drop us an email at We love hearing from you and you never know, you might be featured in a future round-up.

Until next time, have fun!

Mod Seven (@JagexSeven) and the RuneScape Community Team

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