Improved Loyalty Programme - More Details

Very soon, youíll be able to spend your hard-earned loyalty points not only in the Loyalty Shop, but also on some of the great items in Solomonís General Store. As mentioned in Mod Mark's recent Behind the Scenes article, the Loyalty Shop is merging with Solomonís!

On Friday 16th August (ed), the Loyalty Shop will close down. During this time preparations will be made and upon re-opening Ė as part of Solomonís Ė youíll be able to buy some runecoin items with your loyalty points.

Also, accessing your Loyalty Programme information will be easier than ever. No need to visit Xuan's locations or tab out of the game client; simply open Solomonís General Store and view it directly from the store interface.

On top of this, all existing loyalty points outfits are getting a graphical upgrade, and will be accessible as cosmetic overrides through the Customisation Interface.

Be sure to check out how weíve updated the Loyalty Programme to be even more generous:

  • Anyone who is a member for a year receives an exclusive milestone reward, with more for whole, consecutive years of membership that follow.
  • Players who subscribe for several months in a row receive bonus loyalty points, with hefty amounts awarded every six months of consecutive membership.

For more details, check out the official FAQ. We'll be updating this and releasing full details of the new and improved Members' Loyalty Programme when we launch!

The RuneScape Team

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