The Death of Chivalry

The Death of Chivalry

Free players and members

The 6th Age has kicked off spectacularly, and the gods are wasting no time in making their influence felt across Gielinor. Word is that the Kinshra - Zamorak's Black Knights - have located a powerful weapon, and Saradomin has ordered his stalwart servant Sir Owen to retrieve it - no matter the cost.

The Death of Chivalry

You'll disguise yourself as Captain Dulcin, the masked overlord of the fortress, and with Owen posing as your prisoner you'll infiltrate the very heart of the Kinshra organisation. You'll have to be convincing, acting the part of the tyrannical castellan to avoid suspicion and complete your task unscathed.

Subterfuge will only get you so far, though, and eventually you'll have to fight. Although the quest is playable by everyone, the combat scales with your level, so be prepared!

Note: you'll be given an opportunity to access your bank when combat is imminent, so don't worry if you're not geared up at the start of the quest.

There'll be some tough choices to make before the quest is over, and secrets revealed that may make you question where you stand in the ongoing power struggle of the gods. Although we aren't releasing a double bill today, this is the first part of an ongoing story, and your decisions will be reflected in the follow-up quest to come.

Black Knights' Fortress

The Black Knights' Fortress has been treated to a full restructure and graphical rework. Filled with fixtures and facilities reflecting every aspect of Kinshra life, and with a dark, brooding atmosphere, it's the mighty stronghold this order of fierce warriors deserve.

There's a grand soundtrack for the quest too, more than meeting the epic precedent set by RuneScape 3's orchestral score. Feast your ears on this medley for a quick preview:

There are some fantastic rewards for completing the quest, including Sir Owen's shield (complete with emote), a set of Kinshra ceremonial armour, a selection of chivalrous titles and an item that'll replay the quest's cinematic moments. If you're a member, there are some excellent post-quest rewards, granting you hearty chunks of Prayer and Combat XP, and more - be sure to search around during and after the quest. Some of the post-quest rewards have level requirements as high as 80 Strength and 65 Prayer, but don't worry if you're not there yet - you can return when you have the levels and claim the rewards.

Steel yourselves, and step boldly into the darkness!

Mod Stu

How to start The Death of Chivalry:


  • None.
  • Members are eligible for a number of additional post-quest rewards. These require levels up to 80 Strength and 65 Prayer.
  • Combat will scale to your level, so be sure to equip your best combat gear when you have the opportunity to do so.

The Battle of Lumbridge - Week 4

Free players and members

With the fourth week of the conflict at Lumbridge comes a new set of changes and additions to the fight:

  • Both Saradomin's and Zamorak's forces have called for reinforcements in the shape of the centaur and lesser demon champions! These powerful melee fighters possess an aura which will rapidly heal nearby friendly adventurers; they're also known to carry more divine tears than regular troops.
  • The crater has become more volatile, increasing the frequency of unstable node events. In addition to the green nodes which give additional tears, and the dangerous orange nodes, participants may also see silver nodes which drop the metal fragments needed to craft weapon overrides.
  • Experience given by all actions within the crater has increased significantly, while drop rates of metal fragments, weapon heads and titles have increased slightly.
  • The quartermasters have opened the second tier of their reward shops, with new armour, titles and emotes on offer.
  • Each faction has a new strategic option for all of its followers to vote on.
  • As it's a new week, there's a new Duke's Dilemma for members to consider.

In response to balance concerns about Warpriest armour in free-to-play, we've changed to the way the armour functions. We've reduced its middle tier to level 50 for all players, and once the event has ended, this will become the maximum level the armour can reach on free-to-play worlds. During the event everyone will able to use the armour at the top-tier power of 75, but once it's over, only members will be able to use the armour to its full potential.

Mod Moltare

Behind the Scenes Video

Mod Stu and Mod Osborne tell you all about The Death of Chivalry, and take you on a tour of the new Black Knights' Fortress in our latest Behind the Scenes video:

In Other News
  • UPDATE: Xuan's Loyalty Shop will now be closed from the 16th of August 2013 until the Solomon's Store and Loyalty Shop merge takes place.
  • The Black Knights' Fortress quest has been removed, replaced by The Death of Chivalry. If you have already completed Black Knights' Fortress, you will receive no additional quest points for completing The Death of Chivalry.
  • Solomon's stocking new Hero Packs, styled after Sir Owen and Linza. Visit Solomon's General Store to pick them up!
  • You'll see items for making a shaman's outfit on the Squeal of Fortune from Friday - handy for summoners everywhere. Look out for more details soon!

The patch notes archive can be viewed here.

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