4th July Event | Vic the Trader is Back! | Patch Notes

4th July Event | Vic the Trader is Back! | Patch Notes

If you’ve not already met up with Sam for the 4th July festivities, then you still have time to get over to his party zone near the Cooking Guild for an XP boost and some celebratory items.

Top off your week with a quick trip to Vic the Trader who has a cart full of rare items and cosmetics that can be purchased for your unwanted Bonus XP.

Read on for the usual patch notes and live stream info for the week – rock on!

4th July Celebrations

You still have a little time to enjoy the fantastic 4th July event going on near the Cooking Guild, west of Varrock, until Tuesday 5th July at 23:59 UTC.

Sam is ready to reward you with +15% Cooking XP when you fire up one of the celebratory barbeques that he’s lined up in the party area. His stall will also have some unique items up for you to get your hands on, including Liber Tea and toy kites.

Keep your eye out for balloon drops in the area too. Pop them for the chance to win a selection of prizes - now who would want to miss that?

Vic the Trader is here!

Get yourself over to the usual spot south of the Burthorpe lodestone and look out for the man with the mad moustache – Vic the Trader.

RuneScape members can trade Bonus XP with Vic until 11th July for credits. Credits can be exchanged at Vic’s store until 18th July at 00:00 at UTC for a variety of goods, including the Rune Ethereal Divination skilling outfit, Fletching and Nimble outfits, Starborn Diamonds to make parts of the Starfire Outfit and some seasonal summer-themed cosmetics and emotes from previous years.

So if you’re missing a particular outfit piece or just fancy a little browse of his wares, be sure to catch him while you can!

Patch Notes

There have also been a host of fixes and improvements to all sorts of RuneScape activities and content. For all the details, head over to the patch notes forum thread.

This week's live streams

Each week we livestream Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch the streams and find a full streaming schedule on the Twitch channel. Check the YouTube channel for videos you may have missed.

Tuesday, 5th July | 16:00 Game Time | July Q&A

This July, it’s all about The Arc. Find out all we’ve got planned for you this month – and ask us your questions about it – on Tuesday.

Send us your questions via the forums, Reddit, or by using #RSQA on Twitter!

Tuesday, 5th July | 17:00 Game Time | The loot from 1,000 Yakamaru kills

Last week, we showed you the loot from 1,000 Durzag kills. This week, it’s the mighty Yakamaru’s turn. Will we get any coveted Achto Gear? Find out straight after the Q&A!

Sunday, 10th July | 19:00 Game Time | PvM with Mod Lee!

Mod Lee will be hosting some Community PvM goodness live on Twitch!

In Other News

Meet the Team and Q&A – Player Council

We’re bringing Player Council back! Join us on Wednesday, 6th July at 15:00 Game Time, South of the Grand Exchange in World 24. We will be introducing our new arrivals to the MTX team, and taking any questions you might have.

If you want to ask us anything, simply submit your thoughts on the forums and we will get through as many of them as possible in our meeting.

See you there!

RuneMetrics Tracker Change – lightweight version added

RuneMetrics has been upgraded to an ultra-lite version. This is a new way of showing interface boxes without a background, so that it won’t get in the way of your game window!

Additionally, two of the RuneMetrics Pro features have been moved over to the Free version of RuneMetrics. From today’s update, the Low Health warning (screen flashing red) will be available for free, as will the option to ‘Show Stack Values’.

You may also have noticed that your XP Tracker has changed - don't worry, the functionality has been revised and improved too!

For full details of all changes, check out the forum thread prepared by Mod Kalaya.

JMod Snapchat takeover – Mod Balance– Thursday!

This week, Mod Balance will be taking over the RuneScape Snapchat. Find out a little bit more about our Head of Community, as well as getting an insight into Jagex's annual Summer jolly this Thursday! Check it out at ‘runescapegame’ on Snapchat, and share your favourite screenshots using #JModSnapchatTakeover on Twitter and Instagram.

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