BTS Video - Dimension of Disaster

RuneScape's 200th quest is almost upon us! Mod Osborne and his team are here to take you on a tour of the Dimension of Disaster.

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The RuneScape Video Team

Podcast – Quests Exposed

A myriad of mods join Mod Matthe in today’s quest-tastic podcast. Mods Rowley, Stu, Jack, Wilson and Raven all weigh in on how they build quests, what inspires them, and what quests they’d most like to add to the game.

It's a long one, so part one is here to listen to now, and part two is coming tomorrow.

Listen on YouTube, or head over to PodBean or iTunes.

The RuneScape Community Team

Invention Dev Blog

Everything's been quiet on the Invention front for some time now, so we've put together an Invention Dev Blog to bring you up to speed on this major skilling update.

Read on to find out why we've decided not to make Invention a skill of its own, how we see it benefiting existing skills, and when you can expect to see it in-game.

Join in the Invention discussion on the forums, too, and give us your thoughts on how Invention’s shaping up.

The RuneScape 'Guardians' Team

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