BTS Video – RuneLabs | Podcast | Questival

Mod Luna's here with the latest from RuneLabs – including results of the recent poll, a spotlight on the new search feature, and JMods' favourite ideas from the last few weeks.

Watch on, then start supporting your favourite large-sized ideas to get them into March's poll.

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The RuneScape Video Team

Podcast - Boss Practice Mode

Mod Matthe chats to Mod Chris L and Mod Harrison about Boss Practice Mode in this week's podcast.

Listen now on YouTube, or head over to PodBean or iTunes if you prefer.

Questival – Starting Next Week

Monday sees the start of Questival, a fortnight of all things questing.

There'll be competitions, videos, events, and more – all to celebrate RuneScape's 199 quests, and our amazing upcoming 200th Quest, Dimension of Disaster!

Look out for more details in Monday's update news post.

The RuneScape Community Team

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