Choose your retro skins!

Choose your retro skins!

Every adventurer needs a few essentials to succeed in Gielinor. Strength, courage, wit, honour – and of course, snazzy in-game items!

Where would we be without our trusty tunics, dashing capes and dazzling headgear? Somewhere a lot less stylish, that’s for sure. Whether you’re a fashionscape fanatic or just want to look tough when you take on the bosses, collecting items is a key part of the RuneScape experience. It’s your reward for all that hard work (and tangible evidence you kicked butt on your latest quest, natch).

Our lovely community always has a ton of ideas for new cosmetics, too. We’ve received some incredibly imaginative player suggestions for new skins over the years, and we know you’ve been asking to get involved in the process.

Now, we’re handing over the creative reins. Yep, we’re calling on you to nominate retro skin cosmetics you would like to see in RuneScape!

This will be a process with a few steps, but the first bit is over to you – and it couldn’t be simpler. Send us your best ideas on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit or Discord using the hashtag #RS3retroskins! It could be any outfit or cosmetic alteration to an existing item, on any theme.

Hurry, though – you have until 23:59 Game Time on March 25th to send us your suggestions. After that, we’ll create a shortlist to put up to a public vote. The top five will make up a ‘Community Bundle’ of fantastic new items!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Will your idea become the must-have RuneScape item of the summer? Best of luck!

- The RuneScape Team

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