Choose your retro skins: Results and next steps

Choose your retro skins: Results and next steps

The winning cosmetics for our retro Community Bundle are about to be announced but before we start the drum roll, wed like to thank all of YOU for your fantastic feedback! Your discussions helped us pick the coolest cosmetics of the bunch!

So, without further ado, here are the winners!

  1. Rune God Armour
  2. Dragon Claws
  3. Abyssal Whip
  4. Gilded Armour
  5. Dragon Scimitar

These retro cosmetics will be making their way to a Community Bundle near you very shortly. Now let's introduce Mod Ante and Mod Stead, wholl be working to bring your choices to life!

Meet Mod Ante

Hi, Im Mod Ante, the Lead Character Artist on RuneScape.

I have previously worked as a Principal Character Artist and currently Im the discipline quality holder for Character Art in the RuneScape Graphics Team. My responsibility is to help the Character Team maintain and improve the visuals of characters in line with art direction, and assist all surrounding art teams in building the RuneScape vision.

Meet Mod Stead

Hi, Im Mod Stead, Art Director and long-time member of the RuneScape team.

My role is to provide direction and support for our artists, help guide quality with our art leads, and collaborate with our development and production teams to create content we hope youll enjoy.

Im also a member of our Leadership Team, which plans and drives future initiatives like the Avatar Refresh. I hope well be able to share more news on that soon, but for now lets talk about the Community Bundle. This is another exciting opportunity where well get to work with you, the community, to give our oldest artwork a fresh lick of paint. Youve chosen your favourites, but to ensure were doing your choices justice, wed like to invite you along for the journey.

Two of the items you've selected have several different versions. We need your help to pick which one you prefer! Once youve helped us zero in, well get to work concepting the new design and share it for your discerning feedback.

Jump into RuneScape and use the in-game polling system to make your voice heard!

So, stay tuned for more news very soon!

- The RuneScape Team

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