GameBlast 2015 - Thank You!

Last weekend Jagex were lucky enough to host part of GameBlast 2015 - an event organised by the charity SpecialEffect. This weekend of gaming, live streaming and fundraising brought players from around the world together to support this amazing cause.

We live streamed for 24 hours straight, starting at 12pm on Friday right the way through to 12pm on Saturday. Amongst other things, we streamed gaming events with RuneScape and Block'n'Load; had teams take part in crazy challenges like drinking foul smoothies and chair racing around the office; waxed eyebrows, legs and arms; and killed bots to donate their ill-gotten gains to the cause.

As well as the live stream we had other ways for you to take part either indirectly with the Bonus XP Weekend, or directly through the Well of Goodwill, GameBlast outfit, and our JustGiving page.

We had some exhausted JMods and players on our hands after the event, but it was definitely worth it as we raised an amazing £50,000 for SpecialEffect - beating our total from last year.

Thank you to everyone who took part over the weekend. Whether you played, donated or watched, your generosity means that SpecialEffect can help even more people.

The Jagex Team

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