Rune Value Improvements

Rune Value Improvements

Wizard Goldberg has made his Rune Goldberg Machine available for public use, in today's rune value update - as voted by you in the Skill Update Player Power poll earlier this year.

Head to the Runecrafting Guild to start this daily D&D. You'll enter combinations of runes to get vis wax, which can:

  • Extend or reset auras.
  • Increase your divine location gathering limit.
  • Extend or reroll daily challenges.

We've also made it possible to use rune essence stored in pouches alongside essence in your inventory when crafting at altars.

Finally, we've increased the rune essence capacity and summon duration of the abyssal titan and abyssal lurker.

Read on for more details, or log into RuneScape now!

Rune Goldberg Machine - New Runecrafting D&D
Wizard Goldberg

Speak to Wizard Goldberg to get a quick tour of his prototype invention.

To get your daily helping of vis wax, you'll need to fill up the machine with three types of rune. You can put any type of rune into any of the slots - with the exception of Armadyl runes.

Putting different runes in different slots will yield differing amounts of vis wax when you click 'combine' on the interface. This amount changes daily, so you may wish to experiment first.

Experiment by filling up the machine with combinations of three runes. You'll see how much wax you would get with that combination, although if you try again the number or runes needed before clicking 'combine' will increase.

Each slot has a daily best-in-slot rune, determined randomly each day. Each slot also counts for a set proportion of the final amount of vis wax:

  • Slot 1 is the same rune for every player, and counts for 30%.
  • Slot 2 is one of three possible runes, and counts for 30%.
  • Slot 3 is randomly assigned to each player, and counts for 40%.

It's a good idea to talk to other players about the first and second slots. Sharing your research will help you get as much vis wax as you can, for as little cost in runes.

Vis Wax and its Many Uses

Vis wax is marvellous stuff, with a variety of unique uses.

Click the vis wax in your inventory and you'll have a choice of three functions:

  • Extend the duration of most auras by 50 or 100%. One extension per cooldown period.
  • The Wisdom and Jack of Trades auras (all tiers) cannot be extended, but their cooldown can be reset once per day for a second activation.
  • The Festive, Enlightenment, Daemonheim, Oddball, and all other cosmetic auras are not affected by vis wax.
  • Reroll daily challenges directly from the Challenges interface. You'll be offered an alternative in a skill different to the original, or you'll be able to stick with what you had. Each challenge can only be rerolled once.
  • Some challenges can also be extended - doubling the action needed for twice the reward. Note that not every challenge is eligible for this.
  • Increase your daily gathering limit by 50% or 100%.

Altar Running Improvements

In addition to the Rune Goldberg machine, we've tweaked the following to make runecrafting at an altar a bit smoother:

  • Essence stored in pouches or in abyssal familiars will now be automatically used when crafting runes, alongside those in your ordinary inventory.
  • The abyssal titan and abyssal lurker have had their rune essence carrying capacities and summon durations increased.

Have Fun!

Your votes and Goldberg's innovation have made the Runecrafting skill all the more useful and profitable. Enjoy, and tell us what you think on the forums.

Mod Deg and the RuneScape Team

In Other News
  • Many monster types have had their rune drop rates reduced or removed, in order to increase the value of altar runecrafting.
    • Abyssal demon
    • Airut
    • Aquanite
    • Automatons
    • Avianses
    • Bandos minions
    • Bandos statues
    • Basilisk
    • Black dragon
    • Bladed muspah
    • Blood reaver
    • Blue dragon
    • Brine rat
    • Bronze dragon
    • Catablepon
    • Celestial dragon
    • Chaos dwarves
    • Chaos Elemental
    • Cockroaches
    • Corporeal Beast
    • Daggannoth
    • Dagonhai Monks
    • Dark wizards
    • Desert strykewyrm
    • Dust devil
    • Earth Warrior
    • Exiled kalphite queen
    • Exiled kalphites
    • Fire giant
    • Flesh Crawlers
    • Force muspah
    • Glacor
    • Greater demon
    • Greater Demons
    • Green Dragon
    • Grifolaroo
    • Grotworms
    • Harpie bug swarm
    • Hill giant
    • Ice fiend
    • Ice giant
    • Ice strykewyrm
    • Infernal Mage
    • Jogre
    • Jungle strykewyrm
    • Kalphite Queen
    • Kalphites
    • Killerwatt
    • King Black Dragon
    • Kree'arra
    • K'ril Tsutsaroth
    • Lesser demon
    • Living rock creatures
    • Locust
    • Mature grotworm
    • Minotaur
    • Mithril dragon
    • Moss giant
    • Nex
    • Polypore creatures
    • Queen Black Dragon
    • Revenants
    • Rorarius
    • Scarab mages
    • Shadow warrior
    • Skeletal Wyvern
    • Throwing muspah
    • Trolls
    • Tzhaar
    • Vyrewatch
    • Warped cockroach
    • Waterfiend
  • Five more bank booster slots are now available from Solomon's General Store.

Read the patch notes for further details of today's update.

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