RuneScape in February

RuneScape in February

Excited to see what spring has in store for you plucky adventurers? Look no further, because we've got your guide to all the coolest (and creepiest) stuff happening this February in RuneScape. Let's take a peek!

Shadows Over Senntisten

Dark energies are coalescing in Senntisten. The city's defenders describe cryptic, horrifying dreams of thrashing maws and murky shadows when they close their eyes.

One of those suffering from the visions has written in his diary what these nightmares entail:

These creatures... it is not their size but their overwhelming number that terrifies me. They chase me relentlessly, lashing with their vile tongues. They have no regard for themselves and continue to hunt me even at the brink of death.

Sometimes I am visited by other beasts, fiercer and faster. They move like panthers and drain the essence of all within reach in order to sustain their pursuit.

And then, the monstrosity... the most terrifying of all. I have only caught glimpses of it, commanding the other creatures as they hunt me. I do not wish to know this one better.

If these abominations are really out there, we're going to need experienced adventurers of level 95, 105, and 115 Slayer to even attempt to quell the threat. The only alternative would be to abandon Senntisten, a price we can ill afford to pay...

You still have some time to get fit for the battle. The portal opens on February 28th.

War’s Reckoning

From February 7th until February 28th, you'll be able to prepare for the nightmare to come by meeting with War himself! He can be found at War's Retreat, and from here he will send adventurers to rip and tear in his name!

There'll be a number of helpful bonuses active through this event:

  • Safe Deaths: An improvement on the Free Death bonus which allows you to respawn with items intact, instead of having to reclaim them. Please note this is not available for Hardcore Ironmen or F2P.
  • Double Slayer and Reaper points.
  • Reduced Marks of War cooldown and Invention drain rate (-50%).
  • Increased luck on the Rare Drop Table.
  • +50% Slayer XP from tasks* (not applicable when Double XP is active, see below – also not available for Ironmen or Hardcore Ironmen).
  • Elder Overload Golems at War’s Retreat (not available for Ironmen, Hardcore Ironmen or F2P).

*this bonus will be disabled during Double XP LIVE.

Double XP LIVE

But terror isn't all we have in store this month - mark your calendars, because Double XP LIVE returns at 12:00 Game Time on Friday, February 18th! You'll then have until 12:00 Game Time on Monday February 28th to take advantage of that juicy boosted XP.

You can spend your 48 hours of Double XP time across all 28 skills - but we'll need battle-hardened adventurers to hold back the Abyss. Why not spend some time beefing up that Slayer skill?

Remember, you can pause the Double XP buff whenever you need to take a break. Just make sure to use it all before the event ends! If you're in a hurry, you can also use Protean items to fast-track your gains, or zero in on specific skills.

To learn more, check out our Double XP LIVE page here.

- The RuneScape Team

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