Skill Capes & Diango Improvements Patch Week

This week we’ve focused on bringing you a batch of fixes and improvements. Take a look through the list below.

Skillcapes Toggle

You asked, and we delivered! This update will allow you to toggle between both your old and new skillcapes at the skillcape vendors. This will work with in game capes and hoods as well as keepsaked ones.

Your new model has been updated and the older versions now have hooded versions.

Diango Interface

Diango’s store has been given a fresh lick of paint and interface improvements – head into game now to take a look at the update.

Solomon’s Store – Companion Pet Familiar Overrides

Your companion pets are lovely little critters – many of which you enjoy taking on your many adventures, and we think that they deserve to be more involved! To that end, your summoned familiars can now take on the appearance of your companion pets!

Much like your Legendary pets, any companion pet you own can now be used as an override for your summoned familiar. The familiar will still retain all of its special abilities and combat effectiveness, but look like your beloved companion pets!

Note that an overridden familiar will lose it’s appearance should you enter a PvP area.

Simply locate the pet you want to use as an override in the Pet interface and hit the ‘Override Familiar’ button and the bottom of the interface. That’s it! Your familiar will now take on the appearance of that pet!

And to celebrate this, Solomon has put all companion pets in his store at half price this week! Pick up a pet you’ve been eyeing up and take it all over Gielinor – there’s nothing quite as cute as Zenn fighting by your side!

Other Patch Notes

That’s not all we’ve been working on. Check out the forum post for details on more patch notes.

In Other News

We’ve got a few new things to try out in BETA, including the new death mechanics we’ve been talking about on the forums, and a new way of collecting loot.

All going well, the Legacy/EoC mashup feature should be making it's way to the live game this month. This lets you to choose the combat and interface modes independently, for example allowing you to run Legacy combat with the New Interface System, or Legacy interfaces with EoC. Thanks for the feedback you provided on the features being tested on the BETA servers so far.

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