2024 Community Hitlist Survey

2024 Community Hitlist Survey

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new year... and we're looking for feedback!

Earlier this year we asked you to help shape a new initiative - the Community Hitlist. We wanted to address the most burning tweaks and bug fixes for RuneScape, as suggested by you, the players. We asked you to fill out a survey and then used your responses to create our Hitlist for the remainder of the year. Initially we were imagining a typical-Ninja-Strike-sized project, but we received such a bountiful wealth of ideas that it just grew and grew!

We asked you about:

  • Bugs we should prioritise
  • Tweaks to existing content you'd like to see
  • Issues that break you out of your game experience

Some topics were beyond the remit of the Community Hitlist. We couldn't tackle these within the scope of our initial aims, so we asked not to receive suggestions for:

  • New content or additions to the game
  • Graphical updates or reworks
  • Extensive overhauls such as new training methods or skill reworks

These are all important topics too, of course, but we've already got plenty of amazing projects underway across the team with these subjects in mind!

In response to our call, you raised many, many excellent points - some, admittedly, too big for us to tackle in a strike - and since then the team has been diligently drawing from this bank of suggestions to make strikes that you've absolutely loved. For example, a recent wave of Hitlist updates included things like Bank Preset loading, custom Excalibur interaction options, Runecrafting Pouch fixes, audio tweaks to spare your ears and shift+click dropping from your backpack.

Now we want more! We’re opening the floor again so we can continue to grow the list and make the game better than ever in 2024. We got an absolutely huge response last time - in fact we received thousands upon thousands of replies within the first 48 hours! - so we're expecting a similar rush of feedback, and may follow up with a second post covering the most common suggestions, asking for clarifications, etc. We want you to decide where we focus our efforts first!

How do I contribute?

We were so delighted with the responses to the initial survey that we're going to be repeating the same process, in the same format. We'll ask you for up to five Bugs, five Tweaks and then five Issues. Our Community Team will then pore over the data before sitting down with the developers to plan next moves.

Here's a link to the survey: Click me

We’d like to say a big thank you, again, for the constructive, considered opinions you brought to us back in March - they’ve really made a difference, and we know your insights will be as valuable as ever for Community Hitlist 2. We're looking forward to putting your feedback into action and coming back to you with the results. Ultimately, this project is all about delivering really impactful, player-sourced changes that benefit everybody, so let us know your thoughts - together, we can make your RuneScape experience even better in 2024!

- The RuneScape Team

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