Behind the Scenes – June 2015

Summer is well and truly here, with a June packed full of red-hot content. Read on!


Tuska is here, flying towards Gielinor with a toothy, evil grin on her face, hell-bent on the destruction of everything!

Get involved now – pick your god and earn tasty rewards like the World Eater armour as you try to save RuneScape. There's plenty to do in this world event, so make sure you explore her back as you hurtle through space. It's not to be missed!

Check out last week's Behind the Scenes video and the Tuska World Event news post for more information.

Slayer Belt

The slayer belt project was one of first RuneLabs successes, suggested by the fabulous Dragonsseed.

It's an addition to the existing tool belt, with 12 items to add to help you on your slaying escapades. No longer will you be forgetting your slayer items, with essentials such as rock hammers, slayer bells - and more - being added to the belt.

You'll also be able to spend slayer points on adding your bonecrusher, charming imp and other useful items to the belt, saving you precious inventory space.

Adamant & Rune Dragons

Also from RuneLabs are the mighty adamant and rune dragons - as proposed by Dragonforcae!

Addy dragons can be found deep within the Brimhaven Dungeon, and are a significantly tougher that their mithril cousins. They drop bars, of course, and some new bones too!

Rune dragons are definitely the kings of this update, though, worthy of their rune title. They live on Kethsi - accessible via the World Gate - and require completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods to access.

You'll want to shatter their rune plating first using dragonbane, then find a way to deal with their aerial attacks and increasingly damaging dragonfire. Some of the rune dragons are even more powerful elite versions, with even tastier drop tables.

Rewards include components to add to glacor boots, make new tier 90 power boots for all combat styles. There's are a cosmetic Kethsi outfit, and a Kethsi ring that provides useful damage boosts and teleports for dragon slayers.

Hidden murals within the dungeons can unlock new dragonkin lore and chunks of Firemaking XP. You'll also see adamant dragons in the Rush of Blood Slayer D&D.

There'll be an Early Bird Bonus for the first 2 weeks, too: increased spawn rates of all dragons, including the elites.

Rune Dragons

Ninja Spotlight – Artisans' Workshop

This month, the Ninjas have focused on the Artisans' Workshop. They've taken a huge amount of feedback from the forums and social media, concentrating on the rewards and functions of the workshop, making a ton of changes based on your ideas and requests.

Using the workshop - especially making ceremonial swords - is now a much more pleasant experience, with brand new rewards including auto cannon filling!

Hero's Welcome

The people of Rellekka will finally see the return of the legendary hero-turned-god V in a lore-tastic quest.

Rune Dragons

In this exciting new chapter in the Fremennik storyline, you will get to meet and greet with V, and then participate in a dangerous raid on a number of the dragonkin's secret lairs. These raids feature stealth elements and puzzles as you track down your scaly targets. Make sure you're all geared up as you take on dragon guards and even members of the dragonkin themselves!

The quest features a replayable boss fight which drops a new pair of thrown weapons and a tradeable, super-rare level 75 cape. You can also discover new resource locations when you are done - including more adamant dragons.

Summer Beach Party

Look out for some crazy stuff going on in the Lumbridge Crater this month – it's the perfect antidote to the world-ending trauma that's happening in the skies above us.

Reyna – a survivor of the Battle of Lumbridge – plans to turn the whole crater into an awesome, summer beach party, but she needs your help to do it.

Ferry buckets of sand to Reyna to receive mystery boxes full of great prizes, such as coconut hats, tortoises, sand capes and crab hats. Once the beach has been built, there is a huge party planned with a wide range of beach-themed events like a coconut shy, sandcastle building and barbecuing.

Lots of XP will be on offer, and some special portals giving you quick and easy access to your favourite D&Ds. There are also a bunch of special tradeable items you can earn or buy using your Bonds!

In Other News

In Solomon's Store, there are two more bank boosters - free to members - and a set of overrides to match the Vitality Suit: a cape, two-handed sword, two-handed crossbow and staff.

There are also challenge gems that allow you to host your own competitions: staked or just for fun, for skilling or combat.

Treasure Hunter has some new headpiece add-ons for your skilling outfits, too.

Have fun - Wooters out!

Mod Mark

Developer Q&A Recap | Podcast - Tuska

If you missed our Developer Q&A on the changes in the RuneScape Team, you can catch it here:

You can catch our latest podcast on YouTube, too - all about Tuska. You can also keep up with our podcasts on PodBean or iTunes.

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