BTS Video – Children of Mah

Things are heating up in Freneskae as the greatest grudge match in RuneScape history waits to kick off.

That's right – on the November 21st, Children of Mah goes live, and Zaros and Zamorak finally bury the hatchet. Most likely in each other.

Mod Ollie and Mod Ramen are here with some tasty teases of the quest, and what you can expect when the two titans finally clash.

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Live Stream Recap – The Big Questions

Earlier this week, Mod Osborne and Mod Conor took to the live streaming room to answer your big questions – and my word, were there some whoppers.

Catch up right here, if you missed it:

Design a God Competition

Design a deity and win a real-life Zaros Godsword in our latest competition.

Find full details on the competition thread - and feast your eyes on Mod Matthe's disarmingly delicious example!

Have Fun!

Have a top-notch weekend, 'Scapers. See you next week for the return of Bounty Hunter, and more.

The RuneScape Team