BTS Video – Hero's Welcome & Beach

There's cause to celebrate next week as V – the legendary Fremennik hero – returns in our latest quest. Mod Wilson's here to tell you more.

You can also head to the Lumbridge Crater Beach and catch some rays as the Beach Party kicks off. Mod Sayln gives us the tour.

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Adventurer's Log – 3D Models

The Adventurer's Log was recently updated to include animated, fully rotatable 3D models of your character.

  • Works in Chrome or Firefox v38 or later.
  • The appearance is determined by the last photo taken in-game.
  • The colour picker can be used to create a green screen effect – handy for video makers.

Visit the Adventurer's Log now and give it a go!

Dev Blog: Elite Skills

If you haven't already, check out Mod Timbo's dev blog on elite skills and Invention.

It's full of insight on what we have planned for this new type of high-end content – be sure to let Timbo and the team know your feedback!

Podcast – Raids

Mod Matthe rounds up Mods Deg, Avatar and Ramen this week for a chat about Raids – coming next month.

You can listen to the podcast now on YouTube, or head to our Podbean or iTunes pages.

Beta Update

This week, we've made an update to the ongoing RuneScape Beta. One new feature we've added is the ability to reset the Myreque quest line.

Please note: this is not something we are going to allow in the live game. We are offering it simply for those who wish to replay the Myreque quest line in the run-up to the new quest later this year.

You can do this by speaking to Amelia and Rory in Burgh de Rott within the Beta. This will be available for as long as the current RuneScape Beta period lasts.

To find out about the latest beta updates, visit the RuneScape Beta page.

Developer Q&A Recap

Earlier this week we live streamed a Q&A with our content devs, including a sneak peek at the new world you'll visit for Raids.

If you didn't catch it then, you can watch our recap video here:


The party starts next week, with mead-soaked Fremennik revelry and sunny fun on the beach. Have a great weekend, Scapers, and we'll see you on update day!

The RuneScape Team

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