BTS Video | Inside Invention – Part 1

In this week's video, Mod Moltare invites you into an arcane laboratory to pore over the ingredients of an upcoming skill – Invention. Aspiring innovators should listen closely and look out for part 2 of this video in December.

Podcast - Mod Raven Exposed

Mod Matthe interviews Mod Raven on the podcast sofa - asking a series of questions, all of which are entirely serious, clearly! Topics covered include his typical working day, whether his identical twin brother is more handsome than him and if he'll demonstrate his evil laugh.

Listen now on YouTube, PodBean or iTunes.

Developer Q&A - High-Level Mobs Part 2

Join Mods Jon, Kelpie, Asherz and Raven on the sofas as we talk about the upcoming high-level mobs - camel warriors and Acheron mammoths.

This week features a very distracting green screen - Mum, I'm on TV!

May your weekend be a fun and inventive one – see you soon!

The Runescape Team

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