BTS Video – RuneLabs

Mod Luna's back to take us through the latest RuneLabs happenings – including your favourite spine-tingling Halloween ideas. Brr!

We're also joined by Mod Ollie, who updates us on the progress of the Seren quest.

Visit RuneLabs now to have your say, or to submit your awesome RuneScape content ideas!

Developer Q&A

In case you missed our latest Developer Q&A stream, we've made it available on our YouTube channel:

Watch on as Mods Pi, Stu and Kelpie answer your RuneScape questions, and as Mod Asherz demonstrates the Minigame Spotlight update – coming later this month.

Road Trip Skilling Event

Still need to complete your 15 skills in one day task from the RuneScape Road Trip? Join Mod Lee at 23:00 UTC (game time) on Sunday 10th May!

Meet at Varrock Bank on World 89, and join the Mod Events friends chat channel. See you there!

Have an excellent Dungeoneering weekend, check out RuneLabs, and we'll see you next week for Improved Looting!

The RuneScape Team