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Sign up now for the 2014 Clan Cup!

Every year the best of the best among the clans compete to prove who is the finest amongst their number, and this year shall be no exception!

Prizes, fame and - of course - enormous bragging rights await the victors, and this year we have a very special prize for some lucky finalists: a trip to the Jagex studio for an elite team to battle it out livestreamed to all the ‘Scapers!

What is the Clan Cup?

The Clan Cup is an annual tournament where RuneScape clans do battle with skill or arms for fun and glory.

Clans of all experience are welcome to compete together. While some of the highest-ranking clans will be participating, everyone will be able to find something fun and exciting to take part in throughout the tournament.

We will be running lots of different types of competitions to make sure that brand new players and maxed veterans alike will find a game they will love, working alongside their clannies:

  • Combat Cup – EoC
  • Combat Cup – Legacy
  • Clan Cup – Skilling
  • Mini Combat Cup – Under 100
  • Mini Combat Cup – 100+
  • Mini Combat Cup – Community
  • Mini Combat Cup – Matched 20vs20 F2P
  • Mini Combat Cup – Matched 20vs20 P2P
  • Mini Combat Cup – Iron Only
  • Quest Cup
  • Boss Cup
  • Slayer Cup
  • And more to come!

The eventual winners of the three main categories (the first three above) will have the names of their clans permanently embedded in RuneScape history, on the in-game clan plaque that honours each year’s champions, and emblazoned on the trophies in Jagex HQ!

To find out more details about the competition, visit the forums.

The RuneScape Community Team

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