Clan Cup Results

Clan Cup Results

After two months of PKing, skilling, bossing, collecting acorns and more, the Clan Cup has reached its almighty conclusion.

With the live streamed battles on Saturday, the EoC and Legacy Cups brought the competition to a compelling close. Once the dust settled, we had some real champions to add to the Clan Cup Hall of Fame:

Combat Cup – EoC: Titans Revolution

Combat Cup – Legacy: Titans Revolution

Mini Combat Cup – Community : Titans Revolution

Mini Combat Cup – 100+ : Clan Europe

Mini Combat Cup - 20vs20 Matched F2P: Wicked Fury

Mini Combat Cup – 20vs20 Matched P2P: Wicked Fury

Mini Combat Cup – Iron Only: 72

Skilling Cup: Hola Amigos

Slayer Cup: Efficiency Experts

Boss Cup - Arraxor: The Nexicans

Boss Cup - QBD: zer0 pvm

Boss Cup - Nex: zer0 pvm

Boss Cup - Hard Mode Vorago: Virtuous & Pride in Domination

Iron Quest Cup: Clan Loarnab

Quest Run Cup: The Scrying Pool

Acorn Cup: to catch up on the efforts of acorn gathering for the Queen of the Squirrels, visit the Acorn Cup forum thread.

We'll be contacting the winners over the coming weeks about their prizes. We'd just like to say a massive congratulations to all who took part, and hope to see you all in the 2015 Clan Cup!

The RuneScape Community Team

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