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Following the release of Revolution, the combat team have been beavering away to offer you even more changes for you to test out on the beta servers.

With this update you can will be seeing: changes to your combat level, adjustments to tank armour and shields, the final batch of special attack weapons, and the first batch of PvP changes.

Here's a full list of features we've brought in with today's update:

Combat Level

The combat level formula has been changed so that players will max at level 138. Alongside this Magic and Ranged contribution to your combat level has been boosted to bring it in line with Melee.

Special Attacks

We have made several changes and additions to special attacks:

  • Special attacks on the following weapons have been brought back:
    • God bows – They now have a chance to perform an extra attack when used in conjunction with their related arrows.
    • Hand cannon
    • Penance trident/master trident
    • Mindspike staff
    • Quickbow
    • Keenblade
    • Barrelchest anchor
    • Ancient mace
    • Magic composite bow
    • Darklight
    • Rune throwing axe
    • Brine sabre
    • Brackish blade
    • Bone dagger
    • Vesta's spear
  • The Excalibur and the Enhanced Excalibur special attacks can be performed by using the 'Operate' option while it is worn. This has a 5 minute cooldown.
  • The following weapons now have magic special attacks:
    • Iban staff
    • Saradomin staff
    • Guthix staff
    • Zamorak staff
    • Zurials staff
    • Armadyl battlestaff
  • Special attack damage will now scale up when you level up over the weapons wear requirement.


For players interested in PvP, the following changes have been made:

  • In preparation for the future PvP damage reduction changes, the following adjustments have been made for you to test out:
    • All damage in PvP will be reduced by 15% across the board.
    • You will take 0.1% less damage per Defence level.
    • Protection prayers now reduce 25% of incoming damage (Devotion remains at 75%).
  • Eating food in PvP will no longer drain your adrenaline.
  • Enemy adrenaline bars have been hidden in PvP.
  • Combat XP will be gained in PvP under the following circumstances:
    • When your opponent dies, you will be awarded the xp for the damage dealt.
    • When you die, you will be awarded xp for the damage you dealt to opponents that didn’t die.

Other Changes

In addition to the above, we have also implemented the following:

  • The combat modes have new icons.
  • Revolution has been given guidance hints for when you first use it.
  • Tank armour and shields will now offer damage reduction in PvE situations.
  • Mobs throughout RuneScape will now be more aggressive towards those invading their personal space.
  • You can now toggle chat to be permanently in focus via an option in the top right of the chat window.
  • Target information should now be more responsive and can be undocked and moved anywhere on the screen.

Enjoy, and as always, give us plenty of feedback on the forums!

The Combat Beta Team

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