Combat Beta - Revolution and Ability Polls

Combat Beta - Revolution and Ability Polls

One week on from the Combat Beta's release, we've been working hard to bring in as many updates as possible from your feedback. We've just launched our first batch of these on the beta worlds, and we can't wait for you to try them out!

We focused mainly on Revolution and ability queuing. They've been well received and we want to get them into the live game as soon as possible. To this end, we're opening up the first round of polls in the beta worlds today so you can let us know how happy you are with the new features!

We've also created a sticky thread in the beta forums where we will be giving you more regular updates on what the team are working on!

Here's a full list of the features we've brought in with today's update:

From your feedback:

  • We've improved Revolution's visual feedback, so it shows more clearly which slots are being used and which abilities are triggered.
  • We've also improved the visual feedback for queueing, so it now uses a smaller spinning wheel rather than the pulsing highlight.
  • The Special Attack button now has its own customisable keybind.
  • A new, prototype combat settings menu has been introduced, available in the Powers interface or through the cog icon on the action bar. This allows you to:
    • Switch combat modes between Manual/Revolution/Momentum. These are no longer abilities in the Constitution book.
    • Toggle ability queueing on or off.
    • Select combat XP.

Other features:

  • There are new action bar ability setups for 2h/dual wielding/weapon and shield, which will automatically be selected when you pick the setup option from the cog icon on the action bar.
  • We've brought special attacks for the following weapons:
    • Abyssal whip
    • Abyssal vine whip
    • Zamorak spear
    • Saradomin sword
    • Vesta's longsword
    • Statius warhammer
    • Rune claws
    • Dragon pickaxe
    • Dragon hatchet
    • Granite maul
    • Zamorak/Saradomin/Guthix bow

Finally, we've fixed the following bugs:

  • Combo attacks should no longer be interrupted by Revolution.
  • Revolution will now kick in even if you miss your attacks.
  • Teleport spells should work once again.
  • Recoloured and lucky weapons' special attacks should now work.

We’ve also got a new graphics mode, OpenGLX, which we'd like you guys to try before we release it live. You can switch to it in the graphics options, next to OpenGL and DirectX.

Enjoy, and as always, give us plenty of feedback on the forums!

The Combat Beta Team

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