Community Road Trip & Patch Week

This week's all about the RuneScape Road Trip, which kicked off last Friday and is now in full swing. It offers some sweet rewards for RuneScape members – including your own, personal resource dungeon for 30 days! If you haven't already, read the Road Trip news and get stuck in.

To run alongside your in-game adventures, the Community Team have made their own Community Road Trip – with awesome prizes, including Cooler Master PC gaming gear!

Over the course of the next four weeks, we'll ask you to journey through our forums and social media accounts in search of codes that could spell your victory!

Essentially, you'll need to find these and email them to us at the end of the month. We'll give you new tasks with each week's update news post, and the more codes you get, the more chances you'll have to win:

Top Prize

  • Cooler Master headset, mouse and keyboard.
  • Five RS Bonds.
  • Your choice of item from our Merch Store.

Second Prize

  • Cooler Master headset.
  • Two RS Bonds.
  • Your choice of t-shirt from our Merch Store.

For full details of how to enter, and how the prize draws work, read the Community Road Trip forum thread.

This Week's Tasks...

...are all about the forums, Reddit and Tumblr:

  • Mods Balance and Kalaya have some tasks for you on the Road Trip forums. Go!
  • Look out for the RS Subreddit's team of mods. They have style, flair...and the key to one of this week's codes.
  • We'll be reblogging some great content from our community on Tumblr. Check the hashtag on these posts to get the code.

Remember to check back each week in May to find out more, and keep hunting down those codes!

Patch Week

While you're enjoying the Road Trip, we're focusing on fixes, patches and smaller tweaks to make your Scaping more convenient and fun.

This includes a graphical update to the player-owned house costume room interface, courtesy of our sartorially savvy Ninja Team. Everything's clearly laid out, so items you don't own are greyed out, items you have stored are coloured as normal, and items you have out in your inventory are outlined.

Legacy fans will be pleased to hear that WASD camera controls have been re-enabled in Legacy Mode.

There's a ton of other changes coming into play today, too. For further details of this week's updates, read the full patch notes on the forums.

Solomon's Store – Extra Action Bars

The latest convenience upgrade on offer at Solomon's Store is extra action bars.

There are five available, and each ups your total number of available action bars, up to a maximum of 10. It's ideal if you like having the perfect setup for every occasion, immediately to hand.

The first of the extra actions bars is free for all RuneScape members – it'll be added for you when you next log in.

Visit Solomon's Store and pick up your extra action bars now – or right-click on the action bar arrows in-game!

Need more RuneCoins? You can redeem Bonds in-game, or purchase more via the website.

Have Fun!

Enjoy the Road Trip, and look out for the next of our freshly beta-baked updates next week!

The RuneScape Team

Streaming this Week

As we mentioned last week, we've created a brand new live streaming schedule. So, don't forget to tune in this week for our Developer Q&A, and Community Streams! Here's what you can expect:

Developer Q&A – 16:00 UTC (Game Time), Tuesday 5th May

Our weekly Developer Q&A gives you the chance to ask your questions, about the latest update, upcoming plans, and any other burning RuneScape-related questions you may have!

This week's panel will include:

  • Mod Pi – Combat Specialist and Ninja
  • Mod Kelpie – RuneScape Project Manager and Head Ninja
  • Mod Stu – Lore Specialist, and member of the Guardians development team!

You can ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA. We'll answer as many as we can!

Opening 10,000 Medium Clue Scrolls – 20:00 UTC (Game Time), Tuesday 5th May.

Continuing on from last week's 10,000 easy clues, Mods James and Simon this week will be opening up 10,000 medium clues (5,000 each) and showing off the loot.

Check out both of these streams on our Twitch channel. Be there today!