Demon Drop Table Improvements

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Demons came out on top in our recent Diamond poll on drop table improvements. Today, those improvements are released, so everything from imps to tormented demons will - overall - drop better, more valuable loot. While some potential drops remain the same (imps are still fond of cabbage, for example), you'll find fighting demons to be much more rewarding than before.

This includes two new weapons: the abyssal wand and the abyssal orb. These baleful beauties are made for dual-wielding mages of level 75 and up . They're non-degrading, and can be used to cast the Slayer Dart spell. Each weapon also has a one-in-eight chance to reduce the rune cost of any spell it casts to zero, much like the staff of light.

Abyssal Weapons

The new weapons can be obtained as drops from abyssal demons, but only while on a slayer assignment to kill them. Note that a Slayer Tower contract from Markus does not give you the chance to obtain the drops.

Drive back the fell hordes - and enjoy more shiny loot while you're at it!

The RuneScape Team

Take a look at the Treasure Hunter news post and the patch notes for other updates released today.

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