Double XP LIVE - Returning Soon!

Double XP LIVE - Returning Soon!

Whether you're basking in the warm summer sun of the Northern Hemisphere or wrapping up against the chill of winter in the Southern Hemisphere (or, if you're in the UK, both), we've got some news that's guaranteed to brighten your day - Double XP LIVE is returning!

Between August 7th 12:00 game time and August 17th 12:00 game time, players will once again be able to enjoy a whopping 48 hours of double XP gain throughout the game. As always, how you use your time throughout the event's 10 days is entirely up to you!

Remember that RuneScape's newest skill, Archaeology, remains exempt from DXP frolics until October. For all the details about rules and exclusions, check out our dedicated DXP page.


  • Why are you running another Double XP event so soon?
    We wanted to try something new this year with more frequent events like this running in a quarterly pattern between other regular events like 'Yak Track'. We've had very positive feedback about the new format, which provides a healthier gameplay experience with less emphasis on playing for long periods of time. Also, we are aware that there are lots of players who have recently returned to RuneScape and might not have had the opportunity to participate in recent Double XP events, so this will be a great boost to anyone playing catch up. As ever, we welcome feedback from all kinds of players on this topic, so please let us know what you think.
  • Doesn't this inject too much XP in the game?
    We've looked closely at the data from the last two Double XP events. We saw that most players used about half of the total Double XP quota, and approximately 10% went on to use the whole 48 hours. This is consistent with the data we saw in the past with the old 72 hour Double XP Weekends, so it's actually a pretty similar amount of XP (possibly slightly lower), so it is not detrimental to the overall balancing of the game.
  • Why do this so close to the launch of Archaeology?
    Double XP LIVE will start on August 7th. Lots of players are still really enjoying training Archaeology, and as the new skill is not affected by Double XP, they can carry on training without any impact on their progress. However, those players who want to put some time into other skills can take a break from the excavations and enjoy progress elsewhere in the game.
  • Doesn't increasing the frequency take away some of the prestige of a Double XP event?
    We know that Double XP events are a big deal for a lot of players, and many like to plan in advance for them. Unfortunately, that comes with the disadvantage of some players feeling pressured - they don't want to miss it because of the long wait until the next one. We want players to have more freedom to choose how and when they play without intruding on personal commitments or family time. This is again why we have changed to the new Double XP LIVE format, which we believe is more flexible and will suit more players in the long term.
  • But what about The Beach Event?
    The various skilling activities available as part of The Beach Event will not benefit from the Double XP boost from Double XP LIVE when it begins.
  • And one more thing...

    But hang on, what's this? Shuriken stuck in the fridge door? Nunchuks hanging on the coat rack? Wait, there's a note... it's a warning from The Ninja Team, saying that a Ninja Strike is planned to coincide with Double XP LIVE! What on Gielinor have those sneaky shinobi been up to now? Hopefully they'll drop by - probably quite literally through the skylight - some time soon to share more news.

    Until then, take care! And keep an eye on the shadows...

    The RuneScape Team

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