Elf City – Design Document

The time has come to start our journey toward Prifddinas: the long-awaited elf city. Today, we’ve released the first of five downloadable design documents, which will show you how the city's shaping up, and allow you to have your say in its creation.

Design Document #1 is an introduction to the elf city, the clans which make their home there, the entry requirements, and a detailed look at the Tower of Voices.

Tower of Voices

We want to give you the chance to offer feedback on the design documents. We're committed to producing player-driven content, so we'll be making changes to the city's design based on your feedback.

As promised, we’ll be releasing one document each Wednesday until the 11th June, on the following schedule:

  • Part 2: Iorwerth and Cadarn - 21st May
  • Part 3: Trahaearn and Crwys – 28th May
  • Part 4: Ithell and Amlodd – 4th June
  • Part 5: Hefin and Meilyr – 11th June

Plus, we’ve got some other amazing Prifddinas-related exclusives coming soon – including podcasts and videos. Stay tuned for more information on those!

The design documents will be available in PDF form, and you can download the first document now. To start giving your feedback on the design so far, head over to this forum thread to share your thoughts.

The RuneScape Team

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