Free to Play HiScores, Action Bar Sharing and Clan Messaging

This week sees the much-requested return of HiScores for free players, and a nifty new feature that lets you share your action bar setups with friends.

Read on for more information, or log in and play right away!

Free to Play HiScores
HiScores are back for free players! Free players can once again go toe-to-toe with their subscribing counterparts in the battle for XP gaining glory!

The first thing to note is that free players won't automatically appear in the HiScores - they'll need to log in after today's update to be counted.

A new inactivity filter has also been introduced - free players will be removed from the all time tables if they don't log in for 90 days or more.

Finally, there are some minimum requirements:

  • At least 2154 XP is required to appear in the Overall - All Time table.
  • At least level 15 in the relevant skill is required to appear in any skill-specific All Time table.
  • At least 1000 XP in the relevant time frame is required to appear in a weekly or monthly hiscore table.
We're looking forward to seeing free players climbing high on the HiScores. Have fun, and show us what you're made of!

Action Bar Sharing

You can now share your action bar setups with people on your Friends List. Whether you're helping a new player get to grips with combat or sharing an optimal setup with your boss-running group, this is sure to come in handy.

To share your action bar setup, right-click the number on the action bar number on the left side of the interface and select 'share'. Your Friends List will then be opened (if it's not already) and you'll be able to select a friend to share the setup with. They'll be shown what you're offering and prompted to accept or decline.

For full details, head over to the wiki.

Clan Admin Messages

Today sees the release of Clan Admin Broadcast Messages. Working with clan leaders, we've developed this new system for keeping clan members informed of important events.

If you’re in a clan and have ever been surprised by a new recruit or someone leaving, for example, these kind of events can now be broadcast to your clan members.

There's a new fully customisable interface controlling how much information is distributed and who will receive it. It's accessible to clan leaders via the 'Clan Settings' tab within the 'Clan Settings' interface. There's also a new permission for the messaging function in the 'Admin Permissions' tab.

We've made some usability tweaks geared towards clans too, which can be found in this week's patch notes.


We hope you enjoy these updates. If you haven't already, take a look at Behind the Scenes - April 2014 for news on the rest of the month's releases.

Any thoughts, requests or other comments? Let us know over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News

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