GameBlast 2014 – Thank You!

Last Friday we took part in GameBlast, a 24 hour video gaming marathon organised by the charity SpecialEffect. From 1pm on Friday all the way through to 1pm on Saturday, we united players and mods to play RuneScape for 24 hours straight. The live stream had nearly 90,000 unique viewers during the 24 hours, including nearly 6,000 viewers at once, at the stream's peak.

Thanks to the fantastic generosity of the community, we have raised a staggering £48,552.30! This includes over £9,300 donated on the JustGiving page, more than £25,400 from the RuneScape community - including 36 billion gold and 3600 Bonds donated through the Well of Goodwill, plus all the GameBlast Tunics purchased in Solomon’s Store - and over £13,750 in proceeds from our Ace of Spades sale.

Thank you to everyone who took part! Whether you played, donated or watched you’ve helped to make a huge difference to so many people!

The RuneScape Team

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