High Contrast Mode & DXP - This Week In RuneScape

High Contrast Mode & DXP - This Week In RuneScape

New High Contrast and Entity Highlight Modes are making their way live today - plus, DXP is on the horizon!

High Contrast and Entity Highlight Modes
Accessible never looked so good

Have you had trouble making heads or tails of some situations in game? Not sure what can be interacted with at a glance? Well, this update should be able to help with that. Introducing High Contrast Mode and Entity Highlight Mode!

High Contrast Mode

High Contrast Mode is an accessibility feature added to the game today that will change the colours of the game world to highlight interactable objects, enemies, players and NPCs while you're playing.

You can turn this option on in the New Accessibility Options section of the Additional Options menu, or by right-clicking the World Map to quickly toggle it.

Better yet, add a keybind in the Controls menu and you will be able to swap this setting on and off extremely easily. You can also customize the colours to suit your personal needs.

Entity Highlight Mode

Another functionality added today is Entity Highlight Mode.

This mode adds highlights to interactable objects, enemies, players and NPCs, helping them stand out better as you play!

You can choose to have this always active, on proximity or on mouse over!

As with the High Contrast Mode, you can change up the colours or turn off ones you don't need. You can also choose between a border or silhouette version and change the size of the border. Give it a look today, and try out a few different settings to see what suits you!

Please note that the 'Always on' setting for Entity Highlight mode can impact game performance, so you may wish to turn it down in extremely busy areas.

As this is a new feature there are some outlying areas and situations where these changes do not yet take effect:

  • Non-interactable NPCs; including Hunter creatures and Big Game Hunter dinosaurs.
  • In-Game locations that utilize invisible clickboxes, including certain Agility shortcuts and courses, as well as some cave entrances.

We will be looking to improve this feature going forward and we hope that it helps players navigate the world more easily!

Double XP
Starts Friday!

With a certain Skeletal Matriarch just around the corner, now might be a good time to get your skills up to speed! Get ready to train with Double XP!

Double XP is a 10-day event where you have 48 Hours of Double XP to use at your leisure. You can pause the timer if you need to do other activities and don't want to lose out on that precious DXP time. DXP starts Friday, May 17th until Monday, May 27th, starting and ending at 12:00 PM Game Time. Learn more about how it works here!

As we continue to iterate on the formula for DXP we have made some to updates to the store and tokens:

  • DXP tokens and the store will be returning with some new items including the Lunarfury Armour/Weapons, Skilling Backpack/Powerpacks and Fading Memories*.
  • Woodland Archer Outfit has been replaced with the Herald's Outfit.
  • We have increased the cost of several of the current items in the store.
  • The DXP spirit will no longer appear in the game world. Players will still receive tokens while skilling, they just won't see the spirit appear any more.
  • Nic the Trader won't be setting up shop any more, but the option to convert an hour each day has been moved to the DXP store. 1 hour is worth 2,000 DXP tokens.
    • If you have left over credits they will be converted into DXP tokens at a rate of 1 credit → 20 tokens.

*not available to free to play players

May 14th : Scheduled Maintenance
Begins 09:00 BST

We have scheduled essential planned maintenance for all RuneScape and Old School game worlds on Tuesday May 14th at 09:00-11:00* (BST) / 01:00-03:00* (PST) / 18:00-20:00* (AEST).

During this period, all game worlds will be temporarily unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this downtime and will keep players informed of any changes to this estimated schedule.

*approximated end of downtime.

New Novel: The Gift of Guthix
New Novel from Titan Books!

The first of three new novels from our partner Titan Books hits retailers around the world on Tuesday May 14th!

RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix is written by Erin M Evans, and it tells an epic tale of the origin of magic, the plight of civil war, and the crushing defeat of the Fremennik Great Invasion. Get your copy now either online or from local bookstores.

Check out the Titan website for a full list of retailers around the world.

DXP Marketplace Bundles
Time to Stock up!

Need some supplies to really push those gains? Look no further than our DXP Item Bundle or Daily Bundle, offering direct access to additional skilling supplies. Both bundles are available from May 17th to May 27th.

Please note that unlike previous runs of these bundles, there are no DXP tokens included as a bonus.

DXP Item Bundle: 1 Bond

Purchasable once from the Marketplace. Contains:

  • 5 Medium Protean Packs
  • 5 Large Prismatic Stars
  • 25 Protean Prolongers
  • 25 Protean Powerups
  • 5 Medium Skill Dummy Crates
  • 25 Pulse Cores
  • 25 Cinder Cores
  • 250 Silverhawk Downs (untradeable)
  • 250 Tight Springs (untradeable)

DXP Daily Bundle: 1 Bond

Purchasable once via Marketplace. Awards a Daily Bundle of items every day for 10 days. Your bundle can be collected from the marketplace each day. If you miss any days, don’t worry - you’ll be able to collect any you missed when you next log in. Make sure you claim them before the 27th though, or they will be lost!

  • 2 Earned Keys
  • 1 Medium Protean Pack
  • 1 Large Prismatic Star
  • 1 Medium Skill Dummy Crate
  • 10 Pulse Cores
  • 10 Cinder Cores
  • 50 Tight Springs (untradeable)
  • 50 Silverhawk Downs (untradeable)

Each bundle can only be purchased once. Bundles are not available for Ironman accounts.

Upcoming things you should check out!

Twitch Stream - Roadmap Reveal

Get a full look at the rest of the year ahead for RuneScape on May 14th at 16:00 Game Time (17:00 BST, 09:00 PST, 12:00 EST) on Twitch.

We'll be live from the studio to give you a first look at our content plans for the rest of the year. Expect to see plenty of familiar J-Mod faces popping by as they drop some first details about these newly announced updates.

Catch the stream live on our Official Twitch.

Discord Stage

As a follow up to the Roadmap reveal, join Mod Hooli and some guests on a Discord Stage on Friday May 17th at 15:30 Game Time (16:30 BST, 8:30 PST, 11:30 EST) to hear more about what's been going on at the studio. We'll be sitting down to discuss all the work that's been going on these past few months, how we're applying a player-involved development future in a RuneScape-specific way, and the vision we have for the many years ahead of us!

Patch Notes
Fixes and Improvements in this Week's Game Update


  • Fixed an issue that blocked chat colour settings from being saved.
  • Fixed an issue with the total wealth share text in Friends chat and Clan chat.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked click input whenever specific dialogue boxes were active, for example Nomad's NPC dialogue during the Soul Wars tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with the female character voice being reset to male voice.
  • Eagles are back in business! The Eagle transport network can be used by players once more.

Requiem For a Dragon

  • Added a subtle black shadow to the soul attraction text in the Ungael ritual site, which makes it slightly easier to read on a white background.
  • The Vorkath's Reprise music track can now be unlocked upon completion of Requiem for a Dragon.
  • Vorkath's Reprise is now included as a requirement for the Music Maestro achievement.
  • A new Master Quest Cape achievement, requiring Requiem for a Dragon, has been added to the Lore->Books category.
  • Damaged Soul Beacon Parts can no longer be obtained by sifting soil.


  • The XP+ icon during DXP will now reliably appear on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Deposit Box in City of Um inaccessible.
  • The Dwarven Chainaxe will no longer consume charges when chopping ivy or jungle vines as they do not reward players with any resources. Consequently, players will no longer get additional XP using Double XP mode.
  • Medium Clue Scrolls now display a loot beam when they're dropped at Ork's Rift.
  • If a player is at a state in both Garden of Tranquility and Swan Song where they need to speak to the Wise Old Man, instead of only discussing Garden of Tranquility, he now presents a choice between these two quests so that either quest can be continued.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked players from unlocking the 'I Know You Are But What Am I' achievement by activating the Dragonfire shield on gemstone dragons.
  • Updated an outdated reference to communion rituals in the Ungael ritual site tutorial text and Skill Guide description.
  • Adjusted blocking near the Banite Mining site west of Trollweiss Mountain.
  • Adjusted water flow near the northern part of the Rellekka Hunter area.

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts May 14th | Ends May 15st | Genie's Wishes

Be careful what you wish for... you might just get it! Find Karima in your chest to make your wish come true – or enhance your next wish for even greater rewards!

Starts May 16th | Ends May 22nd | Foresight

It's time to train - but this time with extra foresight of your goals!

The latest updates from our community

Community Showcase

Cpt_Maelstrom has come up with an idea for the Lengs for when you need a little more range with your melee attacks.
Casillio's beautiful idea for a Waiko Island lantern festival.
Ever wondered "What if the God Wars bosses were cats?" Well, you're in luck - because @Cherrycake4 has illustrated just that!


Interested in todays accessibility changes? Check out @ChevalricRS recent video on the topic!

@Gawkie has orchestrated another beautiful piece dedicated to Vorkath!
And LegendArts has created this wonderful illustration inspired by the song.

@TheRSGuy continues to challenge himself, this time to a Pvm Nuzlocke! Check it out.

Scapers' Screenshots

Kleptomamma trying to have a word with a Siren in the new Rellekka.
Demonheadge is rushing around the woods hunting bears and wolves in this cinematic shot.

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Kalphite King

  • Hosted By: Pippyspot & Boss Guild
  • Date/Time: Sunday 19th May, 20:00 Gametime
  • Location: Exiled Kalphite Hive
  • World: 88
  • FC: Boss Guild

Nex - Angel Of Death

  • Hosted By: Pippyspot & Boss Guild
  • Date/Time: Friday 17th May, 20:00 Gametime
  • Location: God Wars Dungeon - Ancient Prison
  • World: 88
  • FC: Boss Guild


  • Hosted By: M e r c y & Helpscape
  • Date/Time: Sunday 19th May, 17:00 Gametime
  • Location: The Heart of Gielinor - Seren Lobby
  • World: 35
  • FC: Helpscape

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

- The RuneScape Team

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