Hiscores: Weekly and Monthly XP Tables

Hiscores: Weekly and Monthly XP Tables

Weekly and monthly XP hiscore tables are now available and are set to be one of the most exciting enhancements we have made to the hiscores yet.

Each skill now has its own weekly and monthly table, tracking everyone’s XP gain since the start of that time period. Weekly tables start on a Wednesday and monthly tables start on the first day of each month. This is your opportunity to get to a much higher position than ever before, with fresh tables being made each time.

Everyone’s XP will start being tracked today and an archive of previous results will start to build up showing results from up to a year ago.

Don’t worry – the all-time hiscore tables will still be available and will continue to track everyone’s XP since the start of RuneScape.

Note that the first weekly table will only last until Wednesday March 19th. After this, all weekly tables will reset on Wednesdays.

The RuneScape Team

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