Ideas Wanted: Master Skillcape Perks

Hey all,

As you may have seen recently, Team Eclipse’s next project is master skillcape perks. In the player survey and in-game polls this has repeatedly shown up as something the community wants, with 62% of you voting for it, making it the third most wanted update from previous surveys. Therefore, we want to deliver this update to you as soon as possible.

You may have seen in the Summer Updates news post that we had plans to poll this update. Having looked at feedback after the survey, and discussing it with our designers internally, we wanted to make the decision inhouse. Adding ultra-desirable perks at virtual 120s is moving the goalposts too far so we will be limiting these perks to be utility focused.

So, what can you expect from this update?

To begin with we are going to have a look at the existing 99 skillcape perks with the aim to improve those perks that are underwhelming. We are going to be using in-game data to see the frequency each skillcape perk is used, but we’re also interested in getting your feedback regarding them so let us know which ones you’d like to see receive some extra love.

Next up, we have the master skillcape perks.

As mentioned above, a critical design point with these new master perks is that we want to create a divide between those skills that go to level 120 and those that stop at 99. We will be adding master skillcape perks for all skills, however for those skills that stop at 99, the perks will be designed to be more utility-focused: these perks should not significantly affect XP or gold per hour rates. Examples could include 120 Agility granting unlimited run or 120 Construction allowing your butler to hold more items.

In the case that a skill is changed from 99 to 120, such as Slayer, in the future the skillcape perk will be redesigned to accommodate any changes that occur with the skill expansion.

We really want to get the community involved in the design of master skillcape perks so we want to hear your ideas now; so, get your thinking caps on, head to the forum thread and let us know what perks you would like to see.

Team Eclipse

Mod Daze, Mod Erator and Mod Cuppa
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