Introducing Player Advocacy Groups

We value the insights of every one of our players – it’s what the foundation of RuneScape is built on. And while we’ve always worked together with our fantastic community, our development team are looking to make even better use of the deep knowledge, insights, and perspective offered by our most committed adventurers!

To do this we’re forming expert player feedback teams called Player Advocacy Groups, or PAG’s for short. We’re calling this process for forming a PAG Champions and Charters, and here’s how it will work:

  1. Choose a Goal: Our developers choose an area which could benefit from PAG feedback.
  2. Find a Champion: A Champion is a player with real expertise in the topic. However, being a Champion is about more than just knowing the game – we’ll also be looking for people with great communication skills and who have the trust of the RuneScape community. These are the brave souls who will lead our PAGs and take on some of the responsibility of making RuneScape the best it can be.
  3. Define a Charter: The developers and the Champion will work together to form an agreement, or a Charter, that outlines the goals, expectations and responsibilities. We realise this all sounds quite serious, but with good reason – the Champion will then be contracted as a consultant to Jagex for the duration of the PAG!
  4. The Announcement: New PAGs and their Charters will be revealed to the community, and the Champions will begin recruiting their teams! These PAG Members will be volunteers selected by the Champion and, while having fewer obligations, will be vital in helping the Champions and developers do their best work.
  5. It Begins: The PAG then gets to work! Note that group membership can be altered at any time by the Champion, when there’s appropriate justification.
  6. Retrospectives: Once a PAG is complete, we’ll work with the Champion and the team to provide an account of the experience and results that will be shared with all of you!

Over the course of this month we’ll be launching our very first PAG for RuneScape!

RuneScape Player Advocacy Group #1 – Ninja Team Recon

This group’s mission will be to help the Ninja Team root out all the little ways in which life in Gielinor could be made even better!

After a thorough search for the right candidate, we’ve identified our first PAG Champion – The RS Guy. We’re confident his experience, perspective and demeanor will work well with our developers, and that his deep game knowledge and commitment to the community will make him an excellent Champion.

We’ve worked closely with The RS Guy to shape the Charter and are excited to share it with players!

RS3 PAG Charter

If you’ve read the Charter and think you would be a good addition to the Ninja Team Recon PAG, then make sure to follow @TheRSGuyy on Twitter for more info!

We hope that this will be the first of many successful Player Advocacy Groups! If you have any feedback, questions, or input you can reach out to us on the forums or on Twitter using #RuneScapePAG.

The RuneScape Team

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