Solomonís General Store Ė Divination Skill Animations

Visit Solomonís General Store and pick up the Powerful Divination and Agile Divination skill animation sets to make your skilling stand out from the crowd!

Greetings, adventurer.

Transform your divination technique into a dazzling display of power or agility Ė two new divination animation sets are here!

Powerful Divination Agile Divination

While activated, these magnificent animations will override the existing divination skill animations.

Choose the Powerful Divination set to display a more forceful divination style. Harvest memories with a mighty new stance, before converting them with a variety of strong-arm tactics. A different animation will play, depending on which type of conversion you choose!

The Agile Divination set allows an elegant mastery over divine materials. Kick and catch a memory, then convert it with an extravagant flick of the wrist. Once more, your animations will differ depending on what form your conversion takes!

Both skill animation sets are available now, so please do visit Solomon's General Store for a closer look. If you would like more RuneCoins, you can redeem Bonds in-game. Alternatively, you can purchase additional RuneCoins on our billing page, or by clicking 'Buy RuneCoins' inside my store. Finally, feel free to visit me in-game, just south of the Grand Exchange!

Until next time.


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