Legacy Mode Beta - Now Open

Legacy Mode Beta - Now Open

The Legacy Mode Beta is now open, for free players and members alike.

Log into the combat beta and import your live-game save in the lobby.

Note that you can re-import your live-game save from the lobby whenever you wish. However, any game progress made in the beta is not reflected in the live game.

Legacy Mode

Once you're in the game, you'll be offered the opportunity to switch your combat mode to Legacy.

Do so, and you'll activate the following features - aimed at replicating the look and feel of traditional RuneScape combat:

  • No abilities, with auto-attack damage scaled up.
  • Pre-RuneScape 3 interfaces - resizeable and fixed.
  • Old-style minimap icons.
  • A maximum-possible life point value of 990.

If you wish to switch between modes later, you can do so through the Combat Settings or Game Settings interfaces.

Global Updates

We've also put together a batch of changes to improve combat for everyone - introducing some of your most-requested features, while addressing some long-standing balance issues with EoC.

You can try these out in the beta today:

  • An updated version of the 138 combat formula, with equal contribution from melee, ranged and magic.
  • Special attacks on weapons.
  • Strength bonuses have replaced critical hit chance.
  • Ability damage has been fine-tuned to address some long-term imbalances. Damage output potential remains the same, but weaker abilities have been improved and overpowered abilities toned down.
  • More life points come from stats than from armour, and combat triangle penalties and bonuses are slightly relaxed.

More Information

Find out more information on these and other changes in Mod Pips's forum thread.

Read the FAQ for further details of today's combat beta updates.

Your Feedback

While you're playing the beta, please take some time to give us your thoughts over on the forums. Your feedback will be a huge help as we assess the ongoing state of the beta, and make any final adjustments.

Remember, we'd like to get your impressions of the global combat changes, too. Even if you're not interested in Legacy Mode, we're keen to know what you think of special attacks, strength bonuses and the balancing updates.

In the future, we’ll be running a poll on whether you want Legacy Mode added to the live game.

Have Fun!

With today's updates, we're aiming to find a balance: bringing you the traditional RuneScape combat features you know and love, plus all the benefits that the latest combat content brings.

Enjoy playing the beta, give all the feedback you can, and help us make a RuneScape combat system that's right for everyone.

The RuneScape Team

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